Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thinking of you and also of SPRING!!!!

Thinking of you… 

and hoping that you have Spring on the way to your house… it is here.. we are having a wonderful pretty time of it… flowers are starting to sprout… and I love that look…. They start to peek up thru the leaves, or around a log… or just a little here and there … so much like a fairy garden… that is why I have been using all these fun Fairies on my cards…  

This one I used this wide lacey frame.. and then a soft piece of lavender paper with pansies on it… the frames are from a couple of sets by Just Rite… Have you bought any of the new sets??? What are you waiting for???  They are so very much fun… get a few.. then when you realize how much fun they are… buy them all.. .yeah… have fun in life… that is what it is all about… At least that is one way to console an empty purse…. LOL… I used the Kindness set, And the Fancy Labels set… and then added a few Pretties by Bonnie layered flowers… I added some Diamond Glaze.. and a blue pearl for the center… a little fairy with glitter wings is going over to see what this is all about..

Have a fun day… enjoy the spring weather… and thanks again for stopping by for a visit… love having you come by… Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie 


  1. Bonnie
    This is great. Love the little fairy. You live in a lovely place.
    Nothing peeping through the snow here, that's for sure. Even the little rabbit is not out as often. lol

  2. Bonnie, another pretty card. I do love the fairies. It just makes my day to come and see all the pretty cards you have posted and yes I need to get some of the Just Rite stamps and the spellbinders that goes with them. They really add to your cards. Thanks Marilyn

  3. You've created an adorable card, I love it!

  4. Boy, the details on your cards are amazing! Love this green~