Thursday, May 20, 2010

Zen Dazzle Doodles

WOW... today the challenge was to do a zendoodle... and of course I love doodling... and the ZEN doodles are a favorite too..
In fact I have published a few books on these ... check them out by going to the right side of this blog and you will see a place called MY BOOKS ON SALE ... in fact it has a one of the many doodle book covers there... just click on it, and it will take you to my publisher and you can see and order any of the books you desire...

Or You can go to my Blog that is called ART BETWEEN THE PAGES by clicking on that picture in the right column also... and all the books are listed in there... There are quite a few of them... I love to doodle... and just might do a couple more of these books soon...

The top card is created with a ZEN DAZZLE DOODLE from the book called Zen Dazzle Doodle Snowflakes... and in this book I have created 34 of these doodles... I love doing this... as you can see...

I started out doodling when I was a kid.. I didn't like school and I needed to do something creative while WASTING all that precious time in a class room.. learning things that I didn't want too.. so by the time I got to High School, I was well on my way with having a few hundred really nice doodles... sometimes it might take a week to finish ONE doodle to my liking... but as I got into high school and college and then graduate collage I was well on my way to a doodle an hour... still taking notes and all that good stuff in between... I actually did start to like school... but hey... you have to when you want to learn something to help people..

Anyway... I was going to school for my degree in Psychology to become an Psycho therapist... and I already had a degree in art.. so when I got out, I mixed the two... and used them both and at the time, art therapy was just becoming a way to reach some of the people I was working with... so I applied this to my work... and it was a huge help to me and my patients..

I started also to analyze my own doodles and wow... what an eye opener that was... yikes.. anyway... talk about healing self... I started right then and there... although I did know what was on my mind thru the doodling of most of them.. so it was not that huge of a surprise... But it did help me greatly to become a better person for ME... and also to know who and what I was and to help others better.. which was the original goal..

When we left our home in the northeast to move, I grabbed my doodles as a prize possession... and knew that some day I would do something with them... most of those I have not even used... as I started to doodle to pass the time... and was not really very well physically, so I used that doodling as a pass time... I have to have my hands doing something all the time.. knitting, spinning, something.. so I doodle... ESPECIALLY when on the phone!!!!!

Anyway... hope that you enjoy seeing these... and please look at all the books I have published... I am proud of them.. and hope you will enjoy seeing them all.. You can buy from Amazon or any other book store in the world... Thanks so much for taking a look..

Have a fun filled day... and pick up a pen, doodle a little and you will be surprised at how much you can enjoy it... don't stress over what it looks like.. just doodle...

Love, Light and Peace..Bonnie


  1. This is the first time I ever heard of this! Gosh your's are just stunning! You have it down!

  2. BTW - THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE BIRTHDAY CARD!!! It is just beautiful and very thoughtful of you! Thanks so much!

  3. you are such a dynamite doodler......:):):) so very doodleishous. oh man, i am in a weird mood.......

  4. Bonnie, these designs really blew me away. You are such a multi-faceted crafter and artist, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity. You were blessed with such a gift!

  5. Wow! Bonnie, these are fabulous! Love all your doodle creations!

  6. I've heard of Yankee Doodle Dandy, but believe the new song should be Bonnie Doodle Dandy! This art form is totally new for me and was so interesting to check out in the gallery today! Enjoyed reading about your doodling history. :-)

  7. this zendoodling was something new for me as well and I didnt try it today-it looked too complicated and then I wouldnt enjoy the end result-so I passed-then I come to your blog and find out you have books on the art-you are a multi-faceted and talented woman

  8. Wow!! I love to doodle to, but you have it down to a fine art, just stunning!!

  9. I do not think I have ever heard of Zen Doodling! Your cards are amazing!