Monday, May 10, 2010


Have you ever made a block print???
I love to make them... and then when they are made, I can make a really bit mess printing them and getting paint all over me... YEAH!!!!

So here are a few of them used.. .I printed about 20 of them... and of course the block can be used millions of times... I used a nice pink sheet that was about 3 x 4 inches... and it is soft like a pink eraser that you use... very easy to cut into and sculpt... anyway... here they are..

This one I did with blue... and it was one of the first I did... (I have to tell you that once I start to print.. I don't wash the block at all.. I allow the colors to go into the next print... LOL... just me!)
Anyway... this one is the only pure 100% blue one that I have on this run... I used some Bazzill paper and a Martha corner and border punch and allowed this card to be CLEAN AND SIMPLE... so very difficult for me...

What do you think??? Yes... or does it need more...???

This next card... (the blogger is not going to let me write like I want to... sorry about that.) I used a sepia acrylic paint but there also was some metallic gold left on there.. so there is a mixture of colors... You most likely will not be able to see it...
I mounted on a piece of brown Bazzill and used a Martha Punch at the edge... then created the yellow background... ( with another Martha punch set... the daisy set) and mounted a piece of K and Company paper... along with a Grand lace template from Spellbinders... this is so very regal to me... I love this template... add a bow.. but needed to put Happy Birthday on this card???

So I save everything that I THINK I might be able to use... and I have saved a lot of 'packing plastic' from different things... and so I used a piece of that and stamped Happy Birthday onto it.. and then mounted with some zots... I think if you look closely you will be able to see the plastic piece... very handy and it was FREE and I recycled something that would have ended up in the land fill. Every little bit I can save from going into there is GREAT... so I really enjoy doing this...

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie


  1. this is another great technique-I just don't know what block print is-but your cards are terrific

  2. Cool technique, I love anything messy so really relate, great end results, two totally different looks, well done!

  3. Lovely technique and beautiful cards!