Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Delights

Good Morning... or maybe I should say GOOD AFTERNOON.... we slept in late today.. it was raining... and no use getting up that early when you can sleep in... we really need the rain on the gardens... so this is really delightful in all ways.. the extra sleep and also the rain...

So I had a late start today... and really took my time on top of that to really enjoy playing with these the making of these cards... I even cleaned out a couple of drawers with stamps as they tend to get a little messy with me always going to the bottom to see what is hiding... so I have all my beach and shells drawers nice and organized for a few hours...

Todays story on Tea Pot Tuesday was about a possible ship wreck.. so I created a story about Carl the crab that was waiting to see if the ship was going to go down.. or not.. if it did he would have a new home, and also maybe a nice free meal.. if not, he just might be the meal for the tea party gals... Oh No..what would be better than crab sushi??? WOW delicious... you dont' have to eat crab raw... in fact I would make a nice crab salad and add a lot of nice fresh veggies in the sushi roll... yummmm ... I also used the colors for the Color challenge on this card... as the colors were really beach like for it.. I used an embossing folder from the Asian collection by Cuddlebug... and also stamps from Impression Obsession and Fred Mullet and a few others that I am not sure where they came from... you see about two years ago I was running out of room for not only my rubber stamps, but also for me to work in the studio.. .so I took all the wood off my stamps... and I love it.. .best thing I ever did... I use to have 10 drawers of flower stamps... now I only have 2!!!! Huge difference.. and I also can find my stamps easier.. I have used all kinds of things to store the stamps in or on.. and I like them all.. one is not better than the other... just different... so unless I know the line of stamps from a particular company... I really can't tell you where the stamp came from... so very sorry... but that is the way it is..

The color challenge that Betty created was really delightful... I don't have the color Razzleberry... but I thought it was a sort of reddish color.. .and I think it is more bright than a dull reddish color.. .anyway, I used this really pretty piece of reddish colored paper... and then started to have fun iwth this one too..

I wanted to use another embossing folder that was new.. I had used one yesterday on my card.. and this one is called Patchwork... by Tim Holtz and they come two in a package... I embossed the paper.. then used some distressing inks to color it lightly... and then added a row of punching by Martha Stewart... and then of course my focal point... I spritzed some paper... and then embossed the flowers.. once using copper and then the black.. cut it out with the octagon template by spellbinder... and then of course a scalloped edge too.. Now the dragonfly... a gold outline sticker... that is put onto copper mesh and then cut out.. I love these as embellishments... they are so special looking... I did heat the copper mesh to give it different colors and textures..

Hope that you have a wonderful day... enjoy it all day... and in everything you do, think of how special YOU are ... in all ways..

Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie


  1. Such a rich and elegant arrangement! Love the textures, and the dragonfly is so gorgeous!! Beautiful card!!

  2. Bonnie, you are such a make me smile when I read your blog! I had to laugh when you talked about your neat shell stamp drawers that might stay that way a couple of hours. I will clean up my stamp area and in the same day, I'll make a new card and my small desk space is heaped full again! Like Roxie's saying goes...creative clutter is better than idle neatness...or something to that effect.

  3. LOVELY work as always Bonnie, I have to say I love that pic of you and your man both look so happy! :)

  4. these are 2 great cards bonnie-loved your teapot story-I like crab-just never tried it in sushi-crab legs are good though!!
    The 2nd card you posted for the color challenge reminds me of the flowers on teh card you sent me-I posted that card on my blog today

  5. Bonnie, you make the most beautiful cards! Your Teapot story is so fun!

  6. Gorgeous set of cards, Bonnie! I saw these at SCS and went wow! Beautifully detailed and designed! Your gift for technique and stuff is just amazing. I sit and try to figure out what you did to each piece. Truly a work of out!

  7. I so hope I get to sleep in tomorrow!! Lovely cards here, nice job with the image placements and of course your lovely way with elements and texture!

  8. Lovely detailed cards Bonnie! You can tell you put a lot of love into each!