Monday, May 3, 2010

Manly Mans card

OHHHhhhhhh I have such a hard time making masculine cards... and this month our stamp group is having a shoe box fun night... If you have never taken part in one ... you are missing a lot of fun...

Everyone (prior to the meeting) designs a card.. and then puts all the making's into a box... enough makings for 12 cards... THEN on the night of the meeting we all sit at a huge round table... with our 'shoe box' in front of us... and then pass it to the right.. .each person makes a card that you have designed... and at the end of the night you go home with quite a few new cards... generally we have about 15 gals there... so most of the time if you work fast you can get all 15 done... some gals work slower... which is fine too..

Of course we all are chatting... and the stories and fun spreads and we are all laughing and carrying on until we need to go home... and refuel until next month... All is great.. but the masculine theme... it is just not my thing... so I have pondered a design for over two weeks... and finally said that today I am going to do it... so I sat down and it ... and have it all ready for our stamping night... !!!!

The silver??? Well you know that men love chrome!!!! So I had to use some chrome.. and this is what else other than something that I 'stole' from my hubbies workshop... AC/heating tape... it goes great into the big shot to be embossed.. and it even has it's own sticky backing... wow what more could you ask for... so I added the female part to the card.. the hearts/and love and put a little bird perched on the top...

The sticker... BRAND NEW... sitting in my drawer waiting to be used... by Inkadinkadoo..and then some brown papers... had to add the line of birds at the top... just felt like they needed to be there... funny how until they were sitting there ... the card wasn't finished.. I really love it... Do you???? Do you think it is a Manly Man card??? I am going to take a bunch of stamps for the top and inside ... and let everyone use what they desire... either for Birthday or Father's day... the choice will be theirs...

Now onto the next project... ???
Hope that you had a nice day... we had a much needed rain for the farm and also went to the chiropractor... I will sleep very very soundly tonight... that is for sure... I hope that you have taken a tour of some of the other blogs I have done... One is for books... That I am making or have made... and also the Fat Books... that I personally LOVE... all can be seen on Art Between the Pages... and then you can take a virtual tour of our farm... we love our farm and are proud of the land that we have to take care of... hope you will visit that ...

I have also published over 15 books... quite a few of you I know have ordered some... hope that you will take a look and see some of them... the cookbooks are my pride and joy... each page is collaged... and there are over 150 pages in each book.. .a real project.

Have an enjoyable day..and thanks for stopping by to see all the things that I get into...
Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie


  1. I really like this card bonnie-I think it is a manly man card-love the idea of using the ac tape to emboss-in fact I like all the little extras you added-your girls will love it

  2. Great manly man card Bonnie, I always have so much trouble with those. Love the colors and the paper is perfect!

  3. Fabulous, Bonnie! It does sound fun! Manly cards are hard! LOL! So not fun to make 'cause they lack the fou fou! Well, duh! I must check out some AC/heating tape! Cool look have no idea what this stuff is, though! Fantastic manly design! Have a great day!

  4. This card is wonderful, and you say you can't make masculine cards. HAH! This is going to be the hit of Shoebox Swap Night! You just wait and see! Great job!

  5. Oh I think you did great with masculine, you nailed the colours and this is a layout all of your own really nice!