Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An Award!!!!

WOW... I received two of these great awards in the last few hours... and I am totally amazed.. Thank you Lisa and Edna for the awards... Edna your comments about me are so very sweet and I thank you again from the bottom of my heart... it was a very hard morning today... and those words pulled me right back to where I should have been.. thanks again...

We just never know what is happening in other peoples worlds... so when you do a RAK of any kind and it is truthfully given and accepted it is wonderful for both... So again.... Thanks Lisa and Edna.. I totally appreciate your kind thoughts..

With that in mind... I would like to send this award onto two people who have in the past few weeks changed my life... And you both know how you have done that... Anne Harmon... and besides it is your day today anyway... so You totally need this award... and also to Betty Wright... who invited me into a group of gals that have all really made some great changes in the way I look forward to each and every day... thanks to all the Paper Dolls... and to Betty for making this group possible.. thanks again to you both...

Some of the things about me that you might know... but maybe you don't....

* I am very thankful for the wonderful loving hubby that I have had for over 41 years..(actually on June 26th it will be 41 years together... ) He has always been there for me... and over the past few years been a very strong force in my life... and literally helped me to live.
* Also to our son, Brett and his girl friend Casey... thanks for all the great letters from Peru... we certainly have been enjoying them... love hearing from you anyway... but while on vacation... in a foreign country... we are totally amazed and thrilled to hear from you both.
* I am very very thankful that we have such a wonderful piece of land that we call home and also Sunshine Valley Organic Farm.. .and also for all the critters that live with us..
* I love all my friends that have been able to share in having fun to create in my studio... and I love sharing with them all.. on all levels..
* I love the groups that I have been able to join and be part of over the past few years.. .I have never had so much fun as I do with all these great groups... love them all..
* I am very thankful for all the healing that I am able to do.. I have been a very sick person from years of poorly administer medications and things that I didn't need... I am now getting back onto the road of health and positive living.. it has been a long road... I can list all the things that I have had to work thru.. but who the heck wants to read all that... but there have been huge road blocks that I have been able to over come ... and you all have helped in ways that I Thank You for... along with many others that have also helped.. and for this I am thankful in all ways...

Living is a wonderful thing... I love it..

Have a wonderful day... and thank you again Lisa and Edna... I really do appreciate this..

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie


  1. Congrats on the award, Bonnie! You most certainly deserve it! Your blog is amazing and I always enjoy reading about your journey thru life! Your DH sounds like a keeper! Congrats also that you have such a wonderful marriage! Hugs, Fran!

  2. congrats on this award Bonnie-you do have a beautiful blog

  3. You are so welcome Bonnie! I am glad this came at a needed time for you, keep on spritzing out all of that sunshine, you are a gem!

  4. How fun! Love reading more about who you are Bonnie - your farm life sounds like absolute heaven! and glad to hear you are making strides in improving your health..