Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Exotic Flowers and funny story

Oh my goodness… what do I do NOW????

Here I am in the Jungles for this foreign country… and I am not even sure really where I am… and I am looking for these really rare flowers… and I finally found some… they are really really really x 42,000 times RARE… and I have found hundreds of them… and low and behold there I was standing in front of this tree… which also was very rare… and there was a knot hole in it.. and I started to pick these rare flowers… and all of a sudden all these bats came flying out of the hole!!!!!

Oh My goodness … what do I do NOW!!!!!

So here I am standing in this jungle… in this foreign country… and I have a basket full of these really really really X 42,000 times rare flowers… and these bats start to fly out… getting tangled in my hair, and clothes… and all of a sudden.. I see this one little bat in the hole peeking out … and he starts to talk and says to me that he wants to go meet BAT MAN with me…. !!!! So I tell him sure… come on and hide under these flowers and I will take you to the party…

OH MY GOODNESS…. What do I do NOW!!!!

Here I am in this foreign country, with a basket full of really really really X 42,000 time rare flowers… with a funny bat that wants to go meet BATMAN… that talks like a human… and I see the customs men coming at me… and they want to know what I have in the basket… I tell them that I made them, and if they look at them, they will turn into bats… and I show them the little bat that is on the bottom of the basket… and tell them that this is the last person that looked at the flowers… so they take off running, I get on the plane… and I start to see the cave where we are having the party… and all of a sudden I realize that the bat has eaten all the flowers…

So Now… Oh My Goodness… what do I do..

Oh well.. I have a picture of the flowers… and this silly little one hanging out of the hole… but no flowers…

I did bring some bat cookies… for Batman and Robin… and also some tea cakes for the fuddy duddy ladies… and Oh I have some delicious rose hip tea… really nice… and for the rest of us.. some Melon Mango cookies… with some soft suede biscuits… yummmm they are so delicious… they are dipped into chocolate and then packaged in wood to protect them from low flying things… and I will use the wood as a platter to serve them on..

Hope you enjoy this funny card… it is for two challenges… one of course being Mudder Marks Tea Pot Tuesday… and the other being the color challenge… which today Betty asked us to use Melon Mango and soft suede… and to use the grain of wood as dessert!!!!

Most of the time these types of card can not be used to send… but this one will be.. so if you want to see how, go down and read the post note...

Thanks for taking a look… and have a wonderful day…

Love, Light and Peace…..Bonnie


Oh Ardie… do you remember the day that we were taking care of Chip and he ended up hanging in the tree… Oh my goodness… what do we do now???

About 10 years ago… we were staying at this very special Equestrian Farm… 433 acres of beautiful mountain side… with great views and lovely energy… with the exception of some of the people that were there… anyway.. the woman that owned the ‘farm’ was allowing us to park our trailer there, and rest our horse at her farm in trade for a little help now and then… so one week she asked us if we would take care of her PAMPERED miniature Doberman… ??? He was so very pampered that she fed him three times a day… and it was always human foods and extra vitamins were given at each meal etc… totally pampered… he wore a coat most of the time during the winter months.. and the coat cost more than mine did… it even had pockets on his coat!!!! Also the owner was very very attached to this dog… she felt as if it was a child to her… she had a daughter… but this little one was really special… totally totally PAMPERED!!!! Do you get the total picture… ??? Well this poor little pup had never run free… he was always on a leash… and never allowed to really be a dog… so while we were taking care of him… we let him off the leash all the time.. and he was a good dog… he listened to my husband 99% of the time.. Well during this time we went up to the top of one of these beautiful mountains for a short ride… just something to do… other than looking for land or a place to live.. we took a nice picnic lunch.. and Chip… the dog… and off we went… we stopped on the top… and started to get out… and all of a sudden Chip ran out of the car… and ran over to the side of the side of the mountain … and FELL off…

Oh my Goodness what do we do NOW..????

Well… Glenn being the outdoors person that he is… went back to the truck and got a rope… and started to repel down the side of the mountain.. .and there was Chip… hanging upside down… on a tree limb… his coat had protected him… and that is what caught on the tree limb!!!! Glenn grabbed him… put his leash on him… and we went home… the heck with eating a picnic lunch!!!!

Oh My Goodness we knew what to do NOW… and that was to keep Chip on his leash…

The funniest part of this whole story… is that one of the gals that was the accountant there… who got stuck taking care of Chip during the work day… is a friend of ours… and one day she came over to our house.. and told us that she was now the owner of Chip… and I said to her… how come… and she said that the owner sold the farm.. and moved to NM and didn’t want to take the dog… so now she has Chip… and Chip is a barn dog on her farm!!!! What a silly thing for Chip to be.. from a pampered dog to a dog that is out side year round.. and living like a dog… Funny isn’t it… you just never know…

Hope that you have enjoyed this whole story…

So this card will be going to Ardie… she deserves it… she totally understands the story… as we told her all about it the day we got back to the farm… so very funny… we still all get a huge laugh out of it…


  1. your teaparty story is a wild one for sure!! I loved the card you made today bonnie-the bat is a hoot.

  2. Oh, my word, Bonnie! Your Chip story made me gasp! Were you serious about a miniature doberman? Does that exist? I feel for your nerves on that story! WOW! Beautiful card and design!

  3. You are too funny Bonnie. Loved your story. I just love that bat on your card. Awesome.I have a blog award for you on my blog.

  4. Your card is breathtaking, Bonnie! Just gorgeous! Loved your story!

  5. Such a cool card and entertaining story too!! You are a lady of many talents!!

  6. I'm wondering if you tea-partiers are spiking your tea...those stories get wilder and wilder every week - lol! As I said on SCS, you get an A plus for creativity!

  7. Awesome looking card - great story...

  8. Lovely card Bonnie, and you tea party girls really embrace your adventure, so great to see and hear... keep up with that it is fun to watch!

  9. Ok - so I just couldn't read your whole story Bonnie- I tried - but I really have to get back to work - so I skimmed - and spent most of the time gazing at the rare flowers and the fun little bat peeking out at me!! very cute!

  10. What a fun story! Sounds like some of the dreams I have! (Have to be careful what I eat before going to bed!)
    Your card is absolutely adorable!