Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three Challenges of Fun!!!

Three Challenges of fun... and it was truly fun with all three of these..

This one on the left... MOJO Monday... Which was a sketch ... love the motion of this one.. I was totally taken with the card that Wanda Cullen had created.. I learned how to create the sailors knot... and then went on Mojo Monday site to learn what it was all about... FUN... sheer FUN... so another challenge that I HAVE TO DO!!!!

Oh my goodness.. what am I to do...

I had fun using a cuddlebug to create this focal point... The other night I was on the phone with our son.. .who just got back from PERU... we spent three hours talking and learning all about his wonderful trip... they really had a blast.. learned a lot.. and are ready to go back after a few months here state side... He will be going back to carve some sculptures this time... so it will be a combined trip... ANYWAY... back to the card... I had just embossed this and it was sitting there... and there was a pen... and I doodled on it.. .and added some things all around it... then cut it all up for the this card... LOL.. I had fun anyway... so it doesn't make any difference.. There was some turquoise on the table... so I used that with these colors.. and I never would have used them together... but I love the way the colors are... very playful.. a little bit of the spellbinder lace ... left over and a puffy flower... made from a book page... I twisted some sheer ribbon... as I didn't have any cord that I liked for this card... I love the sketch... and will most likely use it with the sailors knot next time... I love that knot WANDA... thanks a million for the link..
Okay.. this card is for Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge... and I really liked the sketch... but didn't know if I would like using all those buttons... but I made the card a little bit larger than I normally do.. .most of my cards are 5 x 7 ... but this one is 5.5 X 8.5... so it can hold all these buttons with no problem at all..

I created the BLOCK PRINT with the flower and Dragonfly.. .it was made with piece of rubber.. like a huge eraser... very simple and love the results... I think if you look in the Archives you will find a few more with this same print..

I of course had fun with Pricilla's sketch... as they are all very nice... Hopefully I can get back into the swing of thngs on Tuesday and will be able to do this sketch more often..

They are also giving out some really nice blog candy this month.. .so check that out too..

This last card... is another brand new challenge for me.. I think that they are in the UK.. but not really sure... anyway... it is a fun challenge, so I will give it a try... We had to make a card and use metal on it... so I created this elephant card...

Okay... it started about two months ago when some friends were over and we made background paper... using acrylic paints and then used a bubble sheet of white to roll over it... great technique... then we stamped things all over these wonderful backgrounds... I used Beverly's Elephant by Tim Holtz... great stamp Beverly and thanks for letting me use it...

Anyway... I love this black lace that you can make with a spellbinder Grand template.. just so wonderfully beautiful in all ways... anyway I wanted to use that, for a contrast in color and also in feeling... then I used some Heating and AC tape.. .the kind that you have to go STEAL from your hubby's workshop... he will look for it.. and then finally realize to come to the studio and ask for the tape..Copnversation will sort of go like this... ." It is mine now.. ... how much do YOU want to borrow... HOW MUCH?? I use this for my cards.. this is good stuff.. .please don't use too much... Do you think that maybe you can buy a new roll next time you go to Lowe's or Home depot... ?? I really need this one...Thanks.. "

Anyway.. that is how I created the bamboo on the side of the card.. ran it thru the cuddlebug and voila' a great metal panel... I used some of my Ranger Pens to outline the top leaves with a color called stream... to match the turquoise background paper...

Hope you enjoyed seeing these.. I had fun making them all..
Love ,Light and Peace... Bonnie


  1. Fabulous creations, Bonnie! Yes, the sailor's knot is one I KNOW I cannot do with ribbon. Tried it and it does not look quite right. It must be done with string or something. Wonderful creations with amazing techniiques and details! Great stuff!

  2. You are really showing your artistic flair with these Bonnie, lovely job with mixed media and texture, just GORGEOUS!!

  3. Wow, Bonnie, you are really exercising the artistic side of your brain into overtime! Love all your creations...the coloring on the embossed panel, the row of buttons, the sheen on the last card...great job with combining all these fun challenges!

  4. Wow!! these are all so very different and yet equally spectacular. You are able to do any style of card so perfectly. The sign of a true artist!

  5. Three entirely different creations and all fabulously done! Love your creativity, Bonnie!

    Thanks for sharing the news about your son! Fabulous!

  6. Great job with all three projects! Thanks for joining us this week at Pile it on! Hope you’ll be back to join us again soon!