Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tea Bag Medallion with Greens

Today is Wednesday... and Wednesday's are Sketch Challenge days at SCS... so I created this card... and this is what I wrote about it when I posted it..

Great Sketch Dawn... thanks for the fun. I had some bits and pieces of things laying on my table... and so I put them all together... and this is what I came up with... a little of this and a little of that...

The background paper is made with Twinkling H20's... and then the dark green paper is a piece literally that I was going to throw away.. it was all wadded up into a ball.. so I smoothed it out.. as I needed another layer... LOL.. some things just go together like they are suppose to... then I had some of this eyelet punched by a Martha punch... and I had been playing with some resists paper and had stamped this design on a few pieces... great... and it matched!!!!
Go figure... anyway... moving ahead... I had been making medallions a few days ago.. as I love to make these medallions.. (Tea Bag Folding is where you take 8 pieces of paper.. generally I use pieces that are 1.5 inches square... and then they are all folded in the same manner... and then made into a medallion.. I also designed the design on these pieces of paper... ) and low and behold it was just the pop that I needed for this card... so on it went...

Hope you like this card... I think it is pretty interesting how it all came off my work area... created a card... and helped to clean up my area...

Thanks again Dawn for helping with a great sketch!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful day... and also Thanks for visiting my blog... and for all the great comments...
Love, Light and Peace..Bonnie


  1. you sure love the techniques bonnie-too bad we don't live closer it would be fun to learn a few from you-great card-love how it all came together for you

  2. I love cards that come together from bits and pieces, great job, a very artistic outcome!

  3. boy Bonnie! I can't keep up with all your posts! this pinwheel is just lovely! what a nicely designed card!

  4. Wonderful card! My "bits and pieces" usually go in the wastebasket!!