Monday, May 17, 2010

Two Casings

Well today on SCS Holly gave us a challenge to create a FRAME on our card.. you can make the frame anyway that you want... you just have to make a frame... So I did...

I also cased two card makers that make FANTASTICALLY OUTRAGEOUS cards... For two different reasons...

Cathleen was chosen on Sunday as the Featured stamper... and she truly is a very gifted artist... in so many ways... I love her cards... very simple, and yet so very intricately created... each one lovelier than the next... it was truly very difficult to choose one to case... but after much ADO... I chose one ... and did make quite a few changes... Cathleen's Gallery is truly a wonderful eye candy store... go and visit... and you will see the changes that I made to this card.. .
You will be able to tell which one I cased... Congrats on being chosen Cathleen... your cards are wonderful.. and I enjoyed every minute I was in your gallery... you go Paper Doll... you certainly live up to the name... here is another casing... I hadn't been on Amazing Paper Grace's site in a long long time... but the other day I was surfing.. which is very rare... as being on dial up... it is like taking a long ride off a short pier... you just never get anywhere... but I was going things... and let the site download.. and there is was.. .the creation that I had been working on for over three weeks.. trying to get two layers of paper created with a Martha Stewart punch set to line up closely... wow...

Okay... so much for the rest of the night.. .I started to cut and punch my heart out... and FINALLY got it done... but I think I need some help.. .anyway... today I went back on her site... and she has a You Tube thingy... and I can't download it... but you might be able to... so go there and see how this is created... LOL.. .It is really so pretty on a card... and you can then create any size you need for a project... YEAH... that is why I was trying to figure this out... as I wanted to do different sizes... and now, hopefully I will be able to.. Anyway.. .a friend who has also figured this out is going to help me to make sure I can do this again!!!! Right Marie???

I hope that you have enjoyed these casings... ( a casing is where you see someone's card... and you make two more changes to it.. ) In this card, I used different colors, different frames, adn also added a butterfly in the upper left hand corner... I love these flying things... so pretty and they bring the card to life.. I have never seen a pink butterfly.. .but I am sure that somewhere out there, there is one.. .

Have a wonderful day... and push the sides to the box a little and learn something new today... stretch and enjoy life a little more...

Love, Light and Peace.. Bonnie


  1. WOW! Both are just beautiful, Bonnie! Wonderful colors and detailing! Lovely cards!

  2. Both cards are so fabulous, Bonnie!! I am so happy our Cathleen was chosen as FS this week, what a wonderful gallery yesterday was with all of these beautifully done cards. Yours is especially gorgeous! Love the delicate, romantic details here.

  3. Bonnie, you really rocked the CASED cards...I so agree with you about Cathleen's gallery...she is one talented lady! I'll have you know I took your advice and learned something new today! I made a sailor's knot for the first time - lol!

  4. Your are rockin', GF! Wow! Bonnie, these are both fabulous! So beautifully done! Thanks for the info about the video on the punched layers!

  5. Beautiful Beautiful cards Bonnie! I LOVE the purple bow on the first one and the vines on the sides of your sentiment panel with the little flowers.
    Love your layered punched panel on the second one. I haven't gotten up enough courage to try that one yet!

  6. Love your white frame card with those beautiful flowers and terrific bow Bonnie - and what a brave girl to attempt an Amazing Paper Grace card!! It is lovely with the soft colors, multiple bows and pretty butterfly!

  7. You fantastic cutter you!! Great cards both, lots of feminine flow and detailed work, gorgeous ribbon too, well done Mrs Punch!!