Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Men's cards galore A nice selection of them too.

I don't think I will have time on Thursday to post anything... and wanted to share some things with you... so here are the cards that we made the other night at our local group stamp meeting... the theme was men's cards.. and we each took enough supplies so that everyone could make at least one of these... IT was a FUN night... and we missed the rest of the group.. but we did talk and enjoyed each other...

Hope you enjoy these...

Beverly Baxley's card

The name next to the card, is the person that designed the card ... and brought supplies so that we could all make it..

I did two cards.. this was the simple one

and this one was a little bit more extensive..
By Bonnie McLain

Brenda Frame's card

Carolyn Dibble's card

Ellen Allred's card

Linda Merrill's card

Marie Berquist's card

Susan Honeycutt's card

Thanks for taking the time to come and visit my blog... I will have more eye candy on here tomorrow... lots ... so check back.. love seeing you here... leave a message once in a while too.. I love hearing from you all..

Love, Light and Peace.. Bonnie


  1. these are great masculine cards bonnie-love them all-I like the idea of the shoe box swap-will have to suggest it to my stamp club
    Hope you had a great holidya week-end

  2. You defintely "Got Your Man On" with these, a great selection all injected with the right amount of DUDE!!!