Friday, May 28, 2010

Zen Dazzle Doodles used some more...

I love using these frames for some of these cards.. they are fun to use... and very versatile... On this one I used the spellbinders in the middle and then built if up to create a nice space for these from flowers from Pretties by Bonnie...

I used the flower called Flower with dip... and then punched out some cosmos in black for the center of the flower... I added my little bird and a butterfly... The frame was colored with watercolor pencils... and the leaves and little bird were colored with Twinkling H20's... and the little bird I used some stickles on it... just had to have it sparkle a little bit..

I also used this card in appreciation for Scrappigramma2 Gracie's reign as Queen for the Day challenge... as her cards are always so very pretty and pink... she loves detail and this is for HER... Happy Queen day Gracie.. you certainly deserve to be honored as Queen... I certainly appreciate your friendship too neighbor...

This card was created with color... I just fell in love with the way this design just really turned out with color added.. love the explosion of color... It has green, turquoise, lime, purples, and blues... love all these colors... and together... wow for me.. I love them...

I put a piece of gold wrinkled paper in the center of the octagon... the card is called Reflection... so I thought it was perfect for that area. A little bird and a tag of happiness... and done

The card is on a very pale blue bazzill paper..

This card was made for a challenge today... F4A14... which is where we had to create a card showing something we collect other than our play toys for creating our cards etc... So I do have quite a few things I do collect...

Angels, Baskets, quilts, shells, snails, teddy bears, dragonflies, books and magazines... birdhouses, and old bird nests... if it has an egg... all the better... and of course flowers that grow outside.. I love them...

This card is also made with another Zen dazzle Doodle frame... and I do hope that you will check out my book...
You can download the book for only $10.00 and it will be ready for you to copy as many frames as your heart desires... day and night... all different kinds... You can get to the publisher by just clicking on the Books for sale in the right hand column of my blog... it will take you there.. and you will see all my books, but you will also see the one with FRAMES... that is the one that all three of these came from...

Thanks for taking a look... and also for stopping by to visit..
Have a safe and happy holiday week-end...

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie


  1. Bonnie, all of these are so amazing and fabulously done I am speechless! Like I asked at SCS...where does the stamp end and the technique begin? Gorgeous creations!

  2. My goodness, Bonnie, do you ever sleep! So many fabulous creations! Just beautiful!

  3. I love all 3 of these creations bonnie-my fav is the one you made for the qftd chalenge-you have quite a list of collectibles as well

  4. Bonnie - WOW these cards are so stunning! I am going to try this technique~~ I am sure it will take me a lot of practice! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. Gorgeous creations! Like Vicki I guess I am going to have to take the plunge and try this technique!

  6. These frames make such unique've been rockin' with creativity this week!

  7. Your frame work is beyond spectacular Bonnie, love all the detail, makes for very intesting creations, well done you!

  8. These are wonderful Bonnie! I love your Zenfangle framings and the flowers are gorgeous! what very artistic creations!

  9. Bonnie, your frames are exquisite!!! So much beautiful detail on each one, I could look at them over and over.
    Hope you are having a great holiday weekend. I just returned from picking up my son from a sleepover at his friends house where we saw a bald eagle flying over the lake where they live. It seemed so fitting to see this on Memorial Day as a symbol of America. Really amazing and breathtaking!

  10. These cards are so fascinating. I have to look and look at each one..I am so afraid I will miss something!! You have such an eye for amazing detail, GF! Bravo!!