Friday, November 23, 2012

The Letter S

The Letter S... Santa is coming soon... at least around here he will be coming .... down the ole chimney...  every year he always brings us something...  and generally he is a jolly old man...  LOL..  

So what does S stand for in your LIFE...  ???  Let me know... maybe I can use it on my memory board...  

Each letter I have done, I have tried to do them a little bit differently so that they stand alone... this one came out entirely different than the others one...  and the letter itself is almost hidden...  but I think you can find it...  another series of tangles... find the hidden letters... oh my... maybe I will have to start that soon...  

I used all S tangles on this one too...  

But then I let go and just have fun with the letter... and done in another entirely different way...  

 Even with a Slight Slant on the paper... it has sheer elegance in the letters...  to me tangling is like life... very rarely do you do something the first time perfect or the way you want it to be...  and so finally after many many tries I got the tangle in the center of the bottom half of the letter done the way I love...  YEAH for me...  I celebrate successes like this for me...  Do you love what you create???  Celebrate it with love and real good feelings.. . 

I decided that I should commit to doing the Creative EveryDay challenge… and so I signed up and will be doing a piece every day for a month… nothing really different for me… as art is my life in so many ways… but I will try and share more with you each day… 

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and please come back tomorrow... as the Zendala challenge is going to be done...  yeah... love doing these mandalas... they are powerful for me..  

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie   


  1. very creative zentangle - love how you kept at it! S is ideed for Santa! sizzle, and silly ! :-) xo L.

  2. well done zentangles and so creative ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. i really like these- very good idea! julie