Friday, November 2, 2012

The Letter G


I have to say that the GREATEST G in my Life is GLENN... my hubby and very bestest (my word... )   of friends... He is the love of my life and stands for all the G's...  

I also have had two dachshunds with the name Gwennie... and have to also think of my Great Grandparents that were such a force in my life... and still are... a great reflection for me in so many ways... very strong and independent ...   having 9 children, living on an island in Maine with only a cook stove to keep the house warm... and WOW... or maybe I should say GEEEEE    ...  
 The first college I graduated from was Greenbrier Junior college ... G's... a strong force in my life... and one that I have loved... 

I decided that I should commit to doing the Creative EveryDay challenge… and so I signed up and will be doing a piece every day for a month… nothing really different for me… as art is my life in so many ways… but I will try and share more with you each day… 

Have a GREAT Glorious DAY... in all ways... and thanks for stopping by for a visit...  Loved having you...  come back tomorrow too... 

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


  1. I admire you taking on a daily challenge. Love your "G" post.

  2. Welcome to the CreativeEveryday Challenge. I hope you find it to be as much help to you as I have found it to be for me. I love your G! What a great idea to incorporate letters into the tangles.

  3. Love your work! You have so much depth in black and white.