Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday is for Snails and Zendalas

I have committed to doing Art every day for at least November with a challenge called....  Creative Art Everyday    and so I need to do art EVERYDAY ...  Love it... how special is this... being forced to do something that I love so very much.... LOL.. anyway, I hope that you will join in on the FUN and create and share with the rest of us... even though it is not the first the month... you can still join in...  

So for today I have done a few pieces... 
This one is a special one in honor of the hurricane Sandy... as the Sea really created a problem for so many areas... but one of the worse hit was my home for so many years growing up... New Jersey...  and I so loved the Shore... we use to have a house there, that was visited during the summer months... right near all the Beach Haven Terrace.....  I am sure the house is now gone... as so many others are totally gone...  My heart and love go out to all the victims of Sandy and I do hope that they healing has started for all of them.  Such a long haul back to 'normal' and I send my love.  

 Of course the Snail is a very special critter for me... I use to use in college as a trademark for all my art work...  but I use to have it turned the other way around... with the Animal inside still living...  

This one is totally open and floating along in the sea...  hoping to find a new beginning for it's life...  and this is the wish for all in this area of Sandy...  Please send your love to them all...   our son lives in NJ... and was with out electric for a couple of days... but is back to normal now...  while others in my family only had the lights flicker...  and some had no knowledge other than heavy winds and rain...  which I am thankful for in all ways.  

Okay... so I am most likely tangling now... and when I get finished with my Zentangle... I will share that with if it is not here... please check back in a little while for more... 

Well Erin posted a most interesting mandala... and then gave us a challenge of all challenges...  we had to use the letters from the word PIE...  and pick tangles that began with those letters.. and one had to be one that we had never used...  There are still a lot that I have not used... so that was not a problem.. . 

PIES... oh my goodness... I use to make so many pies at holiday time that people would not believe it... I love to make them...  so very much...  I don't think I have a favorite to make... or eat... I love them ALL... that is the BAD part...  The good part is that my hubby loves to eat them all... and he does a really good job on it... and they look good on him.. and not on me...  he is nice and thin...  and doesnt even show that he could eat like he does!!!  Why is it that men are like that... and women look at a pie and it shows??? LOL...  Anyway...  
Here is the Zendala I did.. 

This stands for a lot of things... first off there are a lot of PIES here...  Apple, Pumpkin (I also always love to do one with Chocolate bits in it too.)  Persimmon, Cranberry Apple, Pecan and KeyLime...   They are all there...  
Can you find them???  

I also added a nice crust around the edge... rippled and all...  I also love to make lattice pie crust on the apple Cranberry... and of course pie has to be served with whipped cream and or ice cream to taste the best!!!  Wow... I think I had better go make a pie...  sounds too good to pass up.   

Now for the tangles that I used... 

Peaks-borders, Punkin, Ixorus, ennies.... which spells  PIE....  Yummmmmm  
I used four different sets of colored pencils to obtain all the colors... and for example the apples have 5 different colors on them...  LOL... I got a little compulsive about it...  but  I did have fun with it... now I am going back out on my deck and finish my sunbathing... it is a glorious day here... and the sun is deliciously great... and it feels so very good...  I love it...  

Hope you have a wonderful day too...  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and hope that your day is wonderful and that you can join in on doing art everyday for at least the month of November...  

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. As always - I love your work! The pies are clever and beautiful!

  2. These are stunning, just so much detail to take in :)

  3. your work is so polished and neat... and it will be pleasure to see how much you create over the month...xx

  4. Gorgeous! I love them both. The pie is making me hungry!

  5. Superb!! wonderfully unique - lovely colours and beautiful centre :)

  6. Snail Pie :D
    Both are wonderful!

  7. Your Zendala is so unique and original - love it. Also love the snail piece. Great work, as always!

  8. Love your snail! And your zendala is so bright and beautiful!

  9. Great PIE zendala - makes my mouth water just to hear you describe pies!