Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Letter P

The Letter P   

 This letter stands for one of my names... Prince... as it was my middle name prior to getting married...  It is a family name and I was very close to my Great Grandparents that last name was Prince... so it is a special name of mine.   I put the PRETTY flower there for my Great Grandmother... she loved flowers...  

Are there things that a letter reminds you of in your past life... there are so many and I have to say that I am really having fun making this Alphabet Soup Book...  way fun..

 So this Letter P... I had to add a pumpkin... as it is fall and Pumpkins are all around us... I love pumpkin in my diet...  and love baked pumpkin that is stuffed with a nice rice pilaf... and also pumpkin muffins... and I can remember when I use to make Pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips for our kids... they always loved these at Thanksgiving time...  a wonderful treat... maybe I should make some more...  I love to cook.. .did you know that???  Love to create recipes too...  check out my Good Food blog... it is down on the right hand side ...  and click on the picture and it will take you there...  have fun.. 
I decided that I should commit to doing the Creative EveryDay challenge… and so I signed up and will be doing a piece every day for a month… nothing really different for me… as art is my life in so many ways… but I will try and share more with you each day… 

So, I thank you very much stopping by for a visit... and hope to see you tomorrow...  
Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie 

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  1. Beautiful! I really like how you incorporate touches of color within the B&W design.