Monday, November 12, 2012

Diva Monday is all about 'M' s....

Well Happy MONDAY!!!  I know it's Monday, as nothing seems to be flowing the way it should...LOL... not a funny matter really but hey if we don't laugh... we will crack... so I laugh a lot!!!  More these days than ever before... things seems really crazy these days... do they to you???  

So... on Mondays I usually do I am The Diva... and today there is a guest challenger... so check it out... anyway... it is all about Mickey and Minnie Mouse  or Walt Disney... so I chose to do my own tangle of double M's....  

If you try and count all them it is almost impossible... but I think you could if you really tried... 

Anyway I added the Mooka on the sides, as the two columns looked like palm trees to me... so I added the mooka and called it done!!! 

So what do you think???  Wild huh???  

I also have been working on my third set of alphabet letters... and hopefully will be able to work on that blog this afternoon... if the weather holds up... this dial up at times will slow me down from doing all the things that I really want to do...  but I just might have to wait and that means I will have to clean more of the house.... ugh... but a necessary thing...  right????  still questioning that chore!!!  But I do love a nice clean room... and when the entire house is done... I do love the feeling... 

I also decided to commit to doing something Creative every day  
challenge and that has been a sheer pleasure... keeping me on track all the time... everyday I have entered something that I have created...  and there are so many others doing the same... check it out at the above link... Creative Every Day is a fun way to create each day...  hope you will join in... it is never too late to join in on the fun...  See you there...    

So onward to more things...  
Have a super great day... and enjoy creating...  
Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and come on back tomorrow... it is  another alphabet day... more letters ...  wow... I love doing these...  

Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie 


  1. Very nice Bonnie! I like the M's everywhere.

  2. A wonderful interpretation. I especially like the stripy Ms.

  3. magnificent! lol. blech to the housecleaning but i agree i like it once it's done too. wonderful piece you did. i am thinking of trying my hand at it as well...

  4. Wonderful "M" tile. Very clever and I love how you used mooka.

  5. Great job again! Your pieces are always a treat to my eyes.

  6. I love the tile and the way you did your tribute. I feel a little bad because my poor english (I´m from Brazil)then I can´t find the wright words to explain my admiration.

  7. Wow this is great. I had a lot of trouble to find out how to do this challenge but you did it so simple by just mmmming. Love the idea .

  8. so cute! and i love how the mooka just kind of hangs there. i am always trying to get it to flow all curvy - i like it this way :)