Saturday, November 24, 2012

Strings 26 and 27 plus a little more

Today being Saturday I will be doing the Zendala challenge later... but for now.... here are a few Strings that I just completed...  I love doing these...  keeps me busy when my hands are fiddling...  LOL... 

 Linda at  always has a wonderful gift each and every day for all us tanglers...  and these two needed to be done for me to keep up to date on my strings...  I have them all done... and refer to them at different times...  love the way some come together... 

 Some always turn out to be alittle bit different than you expect them too...  

This morning Erin from the BRIGHT OWL  
gave us a great mandala.. but all I kept on seeing was daffodils... I guess I am ready for spring time...  LOL...  I really don't like this chilly weather... and we have been having some really nice warm days... but this morning it is a little bit too chilly for my bones...  so come on Spring time.... 

I am sure I will play with this a little more off and on today... so I might add another one of these really fun zendalas... Thanks Erin for the challenges... and enjoy all those turkey dinners... they all sound delicious... but I do love to make a really great Cranberry relish that is to die for...  I make it by the gallons... as everyone goes crazy for it...  cranberries, walnuts, orange and raisins... a little agave and they are all put into the food processor and then each one added separately to a nice large bowl and mixed and allowed to sit to gell together.... wow... a really great treat around here...  of course I only use organic products... and I love the taste of it after 4 days of gelling together.... wow.. Love it...  

Enjoy and create everyday....  something that excites you...  

And between now and then have a wonderful day... and enjoy creating...  

This is Day 24 of the Create every day challenge and I have not missed a day yet...  I am going for the gold... love these challenges...

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie   


  1. You go girl! I think 24 days in a row is amazing in itself. These are beautiful, the second being my favorite.

  2. Your zendala sure looks like springtime. Beautiful daffodils with great colors. In your second ZT I love the tangle you used in the left down corner. Very organic and airy

  3. I love, love, love the daffodil Zendala! How you see the flower in the blank Zendala amazes me. Your other pieces are great too. Hope it warms up soon for you. :D

  4. Bonnie your dare tile is exceptional! I love all that you do!

  5. I love the colour and light in this zendala.

  6. So creative to see the daffodil! I love it!

  7. Your 'string' tiles are very nice and the shading of the first really brings it alive. Now, as for your Zendala - well, it's just wonderful - beautiful colours and shading!

  8. Today there's a storm in Holland and I love it! Sitting inside, some candles and insence and .... drawing the zendala Dare!
    Your zendala looks great Bonnie.