Friday, July 20, 2012

Zendala #15 WOW!!!

 Here I am again with another fun project for this GREAT challenge... This is Zendala #15 from Bright Owl...  what a fun challenge too... 

I have been doing challenges for a while... all kinds.  And I have to say that they are not really challenges to me in so many ways...  but this IS... major challenging...  So today I decided that again I would have to play with this to see which tangles I would use...  so I copied the template, and then started to play with all the tangles...  So here is my final copy...  I wanted you to see the details... so I made a huge pixel picture for me.. I am on dial up... but I love this one so very much that I had to share it with you...  so I have taken the time to upload this one... I will show you below all the different ones that I thought would be good for this template... and then I chose to use these...  I love the way it came out...  I DO hope to make another one of these this week-end... but I never know what each day is going to bring...  LOL... 

Some of these I have never done prior to this.. but I love them all...  
This is my Trial Run one... 

Each strip is uniquely different... I love the way that this one came out too..  

I thought that maybe you would like to see all the ones that I did...  

So here is the template divided in half...  

 Here is the top half of the circle...  I love all these and that is why I am sharing this with you...  there are so many great ways to use this template...  Thanks Erin for this one... I love it...  

I felt that each one of these 'blocks' was a present... a gift wrapped box!!!  and I treated it as such...  

 I do hope that you can see these...  they are a little smaller, as I am getting tired... and 5 am comes around real quick!!!  

Thanks for taking a look at these ... and also for stopping by for a visit...  Hope you have a fun time doing this one too....  and have a super fun day... 

Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie  


  1. wow! so cool - looks fabulous!

  2. Love your tangles. I like doing them as well - they can be relaxing and fun (when I'm feeling very frenzied they are better than any meds!)

  3. Sounds like you had loads of fun doing this one. All your renditions were so creative. I love what you finally submitted. Looking forward to seeing what else you create.

  4. Great zendala - such detail!

  5. I love your "sampler". :-) And that first one is wonderful!

  6. Bonnie, I love your Zendala and love that you took us through the journey to get there. Beautiful work!

  7. They're both beautiful!! I love your pattern work and all the detail! Gorgeous and so fun to look at!

  8. haha! looks like you had a blast with this one! i love it all!