Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Memory House

My Memory House is filled with knick knacks from the past years…..  also in the middle of the house is a tree… I lived on Oak Tree Lane as a child… and thus the tree… with the word FIND…. As I had to leave home in order to FIND myself…  to BE ME… my mantra at this time… to be 100% me in all ways… to create my art freely and to respect myself, (as well as all around me too)  but to live my life fully in all ways…    I am also trying to organize my things from the past into memory items… such as this house… 

I have put all these cute little things I have collected along my paths of finding myself…  or trying to do so… LOL.. I often wonder if I will fully find self.  When I was growing up, I use to baby sit for this family down the street and the husband and wife were very connected to all life… their kids were different in some ways.. some good, some not so good… but always free mentally to think freely… I always was drawn to that… as I was not brought up in a free thinking family… we had to do what others were doing… or do things that were ‘right’ so that others wouldn’t think we were different!!!  Go figure… now I live the opposite way in so many ways… FREE as a bird… doing as I choose to do in so many ways…  My husband is one of my biggest supporters in all ways… as we are both trying to do the same… Live freely and love it all.. 

Okay… got a little carried away… but you see memories do that to me…  give me direction… 
At the top of this house… there is a little wishbone… and  a dragonfly…  the wishbone is from one of our chickens…  a memory of the 200 birds we had…  we have a lot of fond memories in so many different ways..  The dragonfly represents my need to change and all the changes that I going thru…  
The little birds were something that I saved for as a child… they are little ivory birds that I love… that will date them… as ivory is not used for that anymore…  and also not at the price I paid for them…    As you can see there are flowers that I have made and also charms where I have use alcohol inks to leave a pretty flower…  Love these … making them and the end result…  so much fun… 

 The words....  LIFE IS ABOUT CREATING YOURSELF... are so very prevalent in my life right now... so I found it fitting to add this to my memory house...  

In the center of the box, you can see the TREE… it is made from Tim’s Tissue paper… and the branches are long reaching…  with leaves that I stamped from stamps I made… this is my TREE…  my growth to FIND self…  The little blue bottle is a bottle that my hubby found one day digging in a fence row in New jersey… when we use to live there… many moon ago… 
 If you follow me at all.. you know I love flowers of all types... so here is one I made using a Tim Die cut... and also an embossed oval filgree Ideology piece... love using these... for all kinds of things... and the Pen nib for Journaling and writing of my life.. . 


Number 6… my lucky number that is always in my life…  along with a little dog that another neighbor gave me… she was a woman with a hubby but no children… very sad…  she always wanted children…  but had no luck…  thus the blue dog…  had to keep it as a reminder… to be thankful all the time for what we have, how we use it, and love it all…  not the material as much as the emotional… 

Okay… my little door….I had to have a secret room… and in this room (LOL) there are a few bottles… and in one bottle some little beads… I also love to bead and make jewelry.. and also a fly… as I love insects… I have always wanted to collect butterflies that have gone on to happier places… I have a few… but always wanted a lot of them… also it reminds me of all the birds nests I had when we lived in NJ… tons of them… and I had to leave them… just no room in moving… 

A good friend of mine painted this for me on a stone from Maine... she knew my love of snails and also knew of the love of art that we had as a mutual desire in life...  

A little hand carved dog... and I can't remember where I got this either... oh well.. 
 Another piece of ivory... but this came from my Mom's childhood charms...  it was on her bracelet and I always wanted it... and one day she gave it to me... I cherish it...  so this is the Jungle that it came out of...  I made the leaves from stamps I also made... 
 I have had a couple of Dachshunds in my life... and they were both females named Gwennie... so this is my Gwennie dog.. and it is in brass... they were the love of my life...  
At the bottom… I made little drawers and put some knobs on them…  Each drawer also has memories of certain good times…  some Sheeps wool that I got this year…  when I went over to see the lambing… a really wonderful day… and also Birthday candles from our daughter birthday this year…  a bracelet that I loved… but it is broken… and maybe I will find some one that will be able to fix it… 
Last... my sewing room...  
I put thread on these little tiny spools... you can see how tiny they are... as the thread looks thick!!!  The little bottle has buttons in it.. that are also very very tiny.... Just had to add that to this memory house... as there was a time when a quilt a week was my thing to do... now it is paper.. LOL... just different medias but still loving it all... creating has always been a love of mine... even in the kitchen.. I love to cook and create new dishes and ways to prepare the food we partake of...  

 I am sharing this house with you as part of the Challenge on Studio L3...     I have made quite a few of these configuration boxes... and if you check out the left side panel you will see more of them...  I also made some for our children for Christmas with Ornaments that they had when little... Also one of my husbands families mementos for him as a gift... Ones for my Mom to see fall... and also to light up her Christmas with a little light that really lights up...  How about the one I did and turned it into a clock... I really love using these boxes.. they are fun and easy to use...  be creative and allow your mind to run away with you...  

Thanks for stopping by today... and have a fun day... stay cool and enjoy the summer months...  Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


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