Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tangling a bird

 Oh what fun I have been having...  I bought a Zen Tangle book and am so enjoying this... I love to doddle... I guess you could say I do... as I have published 12 books of my doodles...  but they are all free handed ones... Zen tangles are not as free... but a lot of fun...  

I did the bird... (a picture of it un-painted is below...  and then I looked at the challenge today for Just Add Water... Artists Play Room Challenge... and it was to do something with Red and White for Canada's birthday... or Red, White and Blue for the USA Birthday... so I did one for each...  it has red and white bird... and then I added the blue background... and blueberries...  which is what has motivated this page in my journal in the first place...  

 You see... we have about 50 blueberry bushes... and they are the rabbit eye blueberries... which are large and delicious...  oh my goodness... they are so wonderful...  anyway... I kept on noticing the CARDINALS flying really close t o the house??? That's weird???!!!  Why are they doing that??? but then I asked Glenn if the Blueberry bushes in the back were in fruit... YUP!!! That is why they were flying close to the house... to get some... there are a lot of feral cats around too... they help keep mice, and other things at bay... and also will attack birds...  so they fly close to the house so the cats dont see them... I guess.. so we  have had very very very very few of them...  no good...  bad cardinals...  so I have asked them not to eat them all... we did get a couple of quarts from them... but that was all... 

Here is the original tangle I did... it is about 4x4 inches... so it is small.... and very detailed to say the least...  but hey... when you are learning like I am... you try to do these so you learn...  

I added the branches and things and then colored it in and put it into my journal...  what a bird that is...  took me about 2 hours to do!!!  

The green stands for love... love of country, love of others and just good LOVE...  

It is a little HOT here today...  to say the least...  they are saying it is up in the high 90's... but that is not what it feels like..  It is most likely a little warmer... as the temp on the deck is 102...  a little warm...  I am sitting with the fan on.. but will enjoy a nice cold shower in a little while...  

Have a good day...  stay cool... and enjoy you holidays...  Love, Light and Peace.... Bonnie  


  1. I love your zentangle bird.
    I thought you might like to see the sepia zentangle Doodly Bird. Not a patch on yours though.

  2. What a beautiful zentangled bird and the tale that goes with it is great. Hope you manage to get more fruit to yourselves later ;)
    I'm not a purist by any means but I enjoyed having a go at a couple of Doodles here if you'd like to have a look
    Have a good new week :0)

  3. Love your zentangled bird! I love watching the birds and I have a leatherleaf bush that the Cedar Waxwings picked clean in 2 days. Loved watching them! Stay cool and safe! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. what a beautiful bird! you are very talented - i'd love to check out your published doodles. are they available somewhere? have a happy 4th!

  5. haha! i see the links in the side bar - i'll go there :)

  6. Such a great take on red, white and blue. Love the bird, both coloured and black and white. Beautiful.

  7. Great tangling and the use of red/white/blue is excellent. A fun subject and you made a great drawing. visiting from APR

  8. What a cool and beautiful bird.... perfect for these hotter than Hades days! I adore both versions. :) Tracy (APR #12)

  9. What a beautiul bird Bonnie. Both designs look fantastic.
    I love to 'tangle or maybe I should say doodle because I don't really stick to the rules with my designs. Naughty I know ;D
    Neesie (APR #11)

  10. That is a GORGEOUS bird Bonnie, I can't choose which I like best, the black & white or colored. Thanks for entering, he's so cute!

  11. Hi Bonnie, Your tangled bird is Mar-ve-lous! I love the black and white because you can really see all the patterns. I also love the twinkling H2O version as well. What is that around the outside edge? Did you say branches? When I looked at it, I thought that you had made a satin pillow that you painted on and the edging was a type of fringe.

    1. Thanks so very much for your love... I put some blue fiber around the edge of the page!!! Just to give it some more BLUE!!! No pillow... just a wild journal page....
      Thanks again... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  12. Thank you all for all these wonderful comments... I am still learning how to do these Zen Tangles and this is one I did from a book... just a wonderfully delightful book and each lesson is GREAT.... I decided to use it here... I too love it and am finding that between the Zen TAngles and my journals I am totally LOVing it ALL...
    Thanks again....

    Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  13. Your zentangle bird is gorgeous and very fancy indeed!! The black and white picture shows all the wonderful detail clearly. Wonderful work, Bonnie! Nice to know the cardinals left you SOME blueberries. ;)

  14. all of them are quite lovely and I am madly jealous of your blueberry bushes... I love blueberries and would be out there fighting the birds to get to them...xx

  15. Your bird is unbelievable. I love the branches you created. Of course, the red, white, and blue journal page is quite lovely, too. Beautiful addition to Jenn's challenge.

  16. Wow Bonnie! I came from Artist's Playground because I simply fell in love with your bird entangle. It's wonderful. Throw a net over those blueberry bushes and let the birds come on. I love Cardinals and hope you'll be inspired by them again!