Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rain drops and sketching

What kind of a title is that?? Rain drops and sketching... well it is so wonderful to be able to sit in the den, and watch it RAIN... when you dont have rain for a long long time and then you start to get rain, it is truly a wondrous gift from the heavens... so I sat watching it rain and thanked the rain gods for all that we got... it was glorious to say the least... and because I was so very relaxed, I picked up my distress pen and started to play with this tangle called Mi2... I have to say that I have done at least 8 of these this week... but this is my very favorite...  I love this tangle, because of my love of all the natural things that are growing all around us who need this water to live, I had to add them to my tangle...  

The challenge this week, on I am a Diva, has been to use the Mi2 tangle to create with... I certainly have totally enjoyed this one... and that is why I have to say thanks for the challenge...  

Thank you also to all who have left such wonderful, warm thoughts on my blog... I wish I could see what you all are creating...  but some day, hopefully I will be able to have a high speed internet connection... these two tin cans with a tattered string is getting the best of me... LOL...  

Remember to conserve water, enjoy the rain, and tangle whenever and where ever you are...  Enjoy it all...  

ooops... I had to amend this post... as I took this tangle a little bit more...  and added some shading... 

And I couldn't stop there... so I picked up my Inktense pencils and added them... I used the pencil dry and here is what it looked like at the end of adding all the color...  

Then I took my water brush and added some water... literally the same thing happened to these flowers and greens that happened after we had our rain...  

We only got 6/10's of an inch... but hey... rain and water are sacred to the living things on this planet... isn't it??? 

The only mistake I did was that I created this on a piece of sketch paper... and not a piece of watercolor paper or even my favorite card stock!!! But that is okay... It is my favorite so far...  I love the look of this one...  

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. This is wonderful, I can see the love for these beautiful flowers. They make this tile complete.
    The rain will make everything so fresh and beautiful outside, enjoy it!

  2. This is so pretty! I had no time this week - maybe next challenge!

  3. Very pretty Bonnie.

  4. Organic beauty...I just think you have created a masterpiece!

  5. So pretty and the colors are gorgeous! Beautiful!

  6. Nature nurtures. See how it has nurtured your creation. So beautiful.