Sunday, July 22, 2012

Writing Desk

OHHhhhhhhh the Challenge this week at Just Add Water... Artists Play Room is to do something with Pen, Paper and INK.... so I did it will all three two ways... I used a quill pen, paper and ink to create the drawing of paper, pen and ink...  

The pens are from a collection of mine... (I love to collect collections of things ohhhhh... so many too... bad!!!  )   

Anyway... The pen on the bottom is from my neighbor, Sande,  when she was in Italy... and it is Venetian Glass and has the prettiest glass bead by the tangled metal nib holder...  so very delicate...and the pen is lavender colored glass...  I love it... thanks again Sande...     

Then the flower one is all silver and it is so very feminine and pretty..

The other one is my fathers...  from when he was a young boy...  While he was in high school he use to love to 'draw' Old English letters... he would take hours doing just one letter...  and he used this pen... it was the only artistic thing that I ever saw him do...  but he loved doing it...  

The ink bottle... well that is another story...  a long time ago my hubby brought me home a bottle that he had found while excavating a old fence line... he found it with a huge bucket loader... and it didn't have a nick on it...  so very perfect... It was a beautiful color of Green glass... anyway... we were trying to sell things so that we could move,(as our home was filled with all kinds of antiques, collections of all types... (even a bird nest collection..and some even had old broken eggs in them...)   

and I was selling everything...!!!!!

I wanted to get out of NJ      NOW....  

and I sold it...  

he was very upset; as it was not that large that I couldn't have tucked it into something...  BUT... I had so many of these small things tucked away, that there was no room to tuck away... without adding more bins to the process...!!!!  LOL... Anyway... it is gone.... but I do have pictures of it...  

So this is my story...  and I use pens, paper and ink every day of my life... so it is truly part of my life in all ways...  Thanks Jeannette for the challenge... brought back quite a few memories...  good and not so happy... but memories..  

Hope ya'll have a great day... and enjoy the summer weather.  Thanks for taking time to stop in for a visit... 

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie   


  1. Love the drawing - after making a move from NY to SC (and moving 2x in one year) I got rid of a lot of my "stuff" - I stick to collecting art supplies not - LOL

  2. the drawing is awesome...and I loved the story behind each piece of it! i especially like the image i have of your father taking hours to draw one letter. i'm such a 'peddle to the medal' artist...that i often wonder what i could do if i slowed down a bit...but that'll have to wait until i slow down!

  3. Hi Bonnie, I love your ink drawing, paper and pens and words of wisdom. I saw that you said that you can't see the entries because they are too large. I am ready to email you my entry photo pared down to email size about 700 x 500. you can also see the whole story of how I made it by going to my blog, but I don't know if you are able to do that. Is it all right if I send you that email? Or does the picture need to be smaller still?

  4. What a sweetheart you are Gloria... that is super wonderful... the picture has to be about 350... that is it
    this dial up is really giving me grief... wish I could get something else. This is horrible... but I would LOVE to see your challenge picture... do you have my address...
    Love, Light and Peace..Bonnie

  5. OOh, I'm so envious of your pen collection!! I wish I had purrrty pens like those, you lucky girl. Your drawing is wonderful, especially the ink bottle and the glass pen, well done!

  6. What beautiful stories surrounding your picture which in itself is beautiful. My eye immediately latched onto the floral pen it is very pretty and feminine indeed. Lovely work :0)

  7. Your back story was so fun to read. It really brought the drawing to life. I loved it.

    BTW, I bought an old 1910ish library table at a garage sale one year and in it was an inkwell. Thanks for the memories.

  8. beautiful work - love the flower pen :)

  9. I have to say I'm a pen lover too. I have so many old pens that don't work anymore but can't throw them out cos they are so pretty. The one you got from Italy sounds gorgeous. Your picture is beautiful and it has so much meaning.


  10. I wouldn't have been able to part with the ink bottle! Lovely collection--with much meaning. I would love to see the quill pen you used to draw this with, too! Really!
    I use pens and paper every single day too. Letter writer, journaler, and--if nothing else that day--I am a constant list maker and note jotter--LOL! :)

  11. Lovely drawing! And I loved how each part of it had a story behind it. :) I moved quite a bit in my younger years. I can't even imagine going through my stuff at this point. It can be hard to choose what to let go and what to keep. :) Warmly, Tracy (#10 from APR)

  12. I would love a pen collection... I have a collection of microns and things, but real pens would be lovey... great drawing this week...xx