Friday, July 6, 2012

Zendala #13

Flowers  Galore

before Tangling

 ZenDala #13...  On a FRIDAY... but that only means good luck... LOL...  I really had fun with this Template...  I did a few things to get it right... first off... the challenge was to use a paper... to get into the paper... I am so into paper that I couldnt' be anymore into it... without being paper myself...  BUT I wanted to create my own paper... so I used a piece of  cardstock that I had painted... or I should say Inked!!!   and printed the  Zendala on to that paper...  but the Zendala didnt' show up...  the ink overpowered it...  so back to the drawing board... 

Bottle Green 
 So then I took my favorite white card stock... and printed it with a few Zendala's...  then I outlined them with a black pen...  I think I used a combination at this time, as I wasnt' sure how the different inks would stand up to my inking them like I love to do...  They all worked perfectly GREAT... so I was in luck...  then I started to play...  

 Since I am so very new to Tangling, I tried to use as many new tangles as possible...  learning as I go  type of thing...  so they are not all perfect... LOL...  I doubt they ever  will be...  

I really had fun with each and every one of these ....  

before tangling 

before tangling. 

Pink Lemonade 
 I used a Ranger Mini mister that I had put some Bottle Green into with some Gold Perfect pearls... and then splattered some Twinkling H20 gold onto the paper... love that...   But sometimes I get a little carried away with these sprays... but today I was working with small pieces of paper... as these mandalas are only 3.5 inches .... so I didn't have to use too much ink... that is for sure...  This one is Tim Holtz's new Summer Inks..  called Picked Raspberry and Ocean Blue... love them mixed...  
But then  I love making messes with my inks... and have a lot of practice with doing that...  
This one is called Pink Lemonade.. I can remember as a child my Mom always use to make Pink Lemonade... I thought lemons were pink!!!  What a shock to find out that they are yellow...  LOL... 

I used a lot of Perfect Pearls on this paper... and it is so yummie...  love to see it shimmer in my hands...  I have to make a book to hold all my Zen Tangles... and am going to mount them onto black cardstock... I love the way they stand out against the black...   
before tangling...  pink and yellow makes orange!!! 

Love of Life 
 I used Dylusion Sprays on this next one...  Yikes... I love those sprays... and this is so wonderful to tangle on too... 

Before I knew it I was done... and I really didn't want to be done with tangling on this... but it was finished... just the way I wanted it too..  ooops... My computer wouldnt' let me do this by myself... funny... anyway...  here is the Zen dala for the pink and yellow makes orange...  which I named Love of Life... as there is life of all kinds on there... 

I am a doodler .. so nothing is sacred when I have something to doodle with in my hand...  The other day I ran out of white paper where I was tangling... so I used a piece of printed paper that was on my work table... nothing is sacred... but I loved the results of it... and was going to do that today.. but really wanted to paint... my hands have not had any ink on them for over a week now... feels abnormal....  so I had to get inky...  

Well I do hope that you have a WONDERFUL  week-end... and enjoy a summer time feeling...  
Don't forget to check out this challenge ... and there is no better time to join in on this than NOW....  it is fun...  and everyone is so very warm and loving... Love these people...  and from all over the world... love it...  

Thanks for stopping in for a visit... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. So many gorgeous looks for one template! Wow!

  2. All very beautiful - the before and after! I 'specially love the first one because of the color and the great tangles you've used. Love the braid, and the outer corners look like folded origami. Your center really appears to overlap. Very nice!

  3. Oh, wow! These are all great! And you're a novice!!?? Whew!

  4. Sounds like you had a lot of fun with this challenge. All of your before and after pictures helped to see your process. I loved the color mixes on the spray paints. Your final Zendala's are beautiful.

  5. A lovely assortment of Zendalas!! Beautiful work, Bonnie!

  6. Wow, you had an entire process going on and your results are fabulous!!! Beautiful work!

  7. haha! excellent work, bonnie! i love to play with the inks, too! think i may have to pull a few out. i really like your pinks and blues together, and i like your results with tim holtz's summer ink set. and that's too funny about pink lemons - love it!

  8. Wow... so many different looks. I never thought to use inks.. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  9. So many beautiful works of art! I love all the different colors! I need to be bolder with color!

  10. They are all gorgeous! Can't pick a favorite. I really enjoyed seeing some of the process you used to get those gorgeous colors.

  11. So beautiful, wonderful colors!