Saturday, July 7, 2012

Recipes from my books

 In 2008 I wrote a couple of cook books... and they are still being published... each page has been created with a collage type format... and one recipe...  

I created over 200 pages... and made the books...  They were a project that took me over a year to make working on them each day of the year...  a real love of cooking and creating... most of the recipes are mine... as they are all VEGAN too...  which at the time my hubby and I were still vegan... we are now eating a little flesh products..  but I still use all my recipes as I love them all..  

The first time I made these was at Christmas Dinner and I use to make a dessert table... with pies, cookies and coffee and then I decided to make these... The Spiced Glazed Pears were gone in a few minutes... they were delicious...  and really not difficult to make...  So I decided to share this recipe with you for this challenge on Just Add Water, silly...   

The challenge is to share a recipe and collage the page...  

Here are a few more...  

 I am putting this one up, as fall will be coming soon... and maybe you will think about making some baked apples...  they are so very delicious and good for you...  

I do add all the things that are yummy too... like butter, nuts and a few raisins... none are bad... in fact if you use good butter that is organic and raw it is really the best thing on the market for you... a nice dessert, and healthy for you...  

 Eating good fats is 100% healthy....  I do hope that you can see these recipes...  if not, write to me and I will enlarge them...  being on this 'wonderful' dial up keeps my pictures small, so that I can blog...  
Now are first you might turn your nose up at this one...  as it has sea weed in it... but I have served this to so many people that have never eaten seaweed... and also to people that say that they don't like sea weed... and have never had anyone say that they didn't like it...  

It is one of our favorite summer time salads of  all times...  Easy to make and delicious too...   
 Any good health food store will have the arame (which is the sea weed)  and the pickled ginger...  Brown rice vinegar and tamari are also available there...  

A really nice cooling salad.   

Okay... so there are three really wonderful recipes...  

Try  them and please let me know how you like them...  

If you have any questions... please don't hesitate to ask...  
Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and if you would like to get my books at half price... you can download them from my publisher... (click on the side books to go to my publisher...)   all my books are available at and any other book store too..  

Have a fun time... and creating art is wonderful on paper and also in the kitchen...  love it all... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


  1. What lovely looking recipes! I too love baked apples. Great entry for APR! :0)

  2. bonnie - i can see your recipes just fine. when i click on one of them, it goes full screen on my computer :) you have some wonderful recipes and some marvelous artwork here! thank you so much for sharing it all with us. i'm thinking i'm going to need to try those spiced glazed pears :)

  3. OH YUM! And beautiful art too!

  4. We lost our health food store to the economy. I live in BEEF country, so you can see being a vegetarian (yes, I am, but not vegan, since I'm too much in love with my half and half) is not very productive here.

    I remember one year I was in CA and a friend who I was visiting and I went to a buffet. The vegan and vegetarian food was all clearly marked. I was impressed, as I am with your recipes. I may have to use some of these. And I love raw butter, but it's very hard to find here, since our only grocery stores are Walmart and Dillons (Kroger).

    Lovely addition to Jenn's challenge.

  5. You created and published a whole book? The samples you have shown here are amazing. There is a pear festival in a small town near our cabin each September. I'll be looking for pears to try your recipe.


  6. All the recipes sounds really good. I haven't had baked apples in the longest time! The artwork to go with them draws you right in!

  7. All the recipes are very tempting and it is so generous of you to share so many... thanks so much...xx

  8. TWO cookbooks?!! I'm impressed!! Bonnie, your recipes sound delicious and are beautifully presented! I'm in the midst of writing you an email but I'll say for now that I love that these are vegan recipes. I was vegan for one year but am pesco-vegetarian now which means I'm vegetarian but I eat a little seafood now and again. I haven't eaten meat in over seven years. Will talk more on this in my email. :)

    Love, light and peace to you,
    Serena xo

  9. Oh WoW, there's so much to see and read here that I'm going to have to revisit in the morning. It's 12.17pm now so I'll savour this for tomorrow. :D

  10. What a wealth of good recipes - I'll definitely be trying the pears. And so nicely and richly decorated. Beautiful presentation.

  11. All 3recipes sound delicious! Although it sounds like a lot of work, it must have been a marvelous experience to create the book. Blessings!

  12. Morning...see I did return Bonnie :D
    What a labour of love your recipe book must have been... but by the look of these three recipes alone, it would have be worthwhile.
    My favourite would have to be the pears, although I love baked apples too...hmmm....
    Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a Super Sunday! ;D

  13. thanks so much for sharing three of your go to recipes. An art cookbook sounds so wonderful!

  14. Yummy sounding recipes, still not sure about the sea weed though :) Look at you, having your own cook books, that really is something. I only cook when I have to I'm afraid.
    Not playing this week, too much happening with the school hols, will return for the pears this week.