Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Love to Peter ETERNALLY

I just bought a book on Zen Tangles and have been trying to play around with all these wonderful designs... I am not a stranger to doodling... as I have written quite a few books on that... but this is a lot more structured... and entirely different...  

Anyway I have done a few pieces and then was told about this really neat site... where there are CHALLENGES... yikes.. I love challenges... and this was a challenge for in so many ways... first off it took me over 2 hours to down load the first site...  which is I am the DIVA  and then I had to go to the other site for the new design... but ohhhhhh so much fun... not a problem... but the one thing, is that I can't download real easy... you see I am on this 'wonderful???" thing called dial up... (whine!!! ) and it is all I can get... so that is a problem for me... as I didn't see what anyone else created...  but I did see the wonderful one and the I am a Diva site...  

A little bit about this...  
 Weekly Challenge #77: UMT v. VI "Fiore di Pietro"
This week's challenge to use one of your challenges is a special one.

The tangle is called "Fiore di Pietro", and it's created by Rho Densmore, CZT.  Fiore di Pietro is a beautiful loving tribute to Rho's brother in law.  Please read her words on her blog and see the instructions there as well.

Rho is also asking for permission to use your tile/piece in a memorial for her family - you can email her your permission or give her permission on your blog.   ( which you are more than welcome to use mine.. I would be honored... totally!!! ) 

So naturally since I am really new to Tangling... I did the design and then I wanted to add some of my own things for Peter... as this is called Love to Peter...  ETERNALLY....  

I used the design that Rho created... which was really fun... I might not have it all even and everything... but hey... this is only my 5th day playing with Tangles...  but I would like some critique on this... all kinds... that is the only way we grow...  and I do want to learn this... so please leave your feelings...  

After getting the original design, I then wanted to add some LOVE for Peter... so I added some hearts... and then some beads to tie it all in... but I wanted some movement to this whole tangle... so I added the ETERNAL wreath...  one of love and living green (green stands for LOVE)  along with some fruit of the earth...  ETERANAL love to Peter...  

Even though I am totally new to all of you... and I certainly don't know Peter... I send my love to his family, and MAINLY to HIM...  Help guide us to be better people Peter... Thanks... 

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and hope that you have a FANTASTIC day...  

Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie  


  1. I love your interpretation of this tangle, Bonnie. It's nice to see it done as a zendala too, and your leafy border is really pretty. If you especially like working 'in the round' there is a great weekly challenge to be found here:

  2. Love all the hearts and the wreath. How are doodles different from tangles? Very pretty translation.

  3. You have invested good thinking in creating your tile. It shows up. Well done.

  4. Using hearts.....fantastic idea! Very beautiful. Welcome to the challenges!

  5. You did a great tile. In a circle it's called a "zendala". Welcome to the world of zentangle. I would recommend three more sites to expand your knowledge of zentangle if you haven't already found them. The first is; the site by zentangle owners and originators of this art form. The second is; a site where Linda Farmer, a CZT, has collected many of the tangles we use in one place, with links to find the step by step directions, and the third one, is; which is a google group where thousands of tanglers post their creations. I think you will be able to see them even with dial up. Good luck to you in your journey into the world of zentangle.

  6. Your artwork is lovely! Welcome to tangling. I am sort of new myself and have found this community to be so accepting and positive. If you like challenges also check out for a weekly zendala dare.

  7. If you are like me, you are going to love is very addictive! Every Monday, I look forward to seeing what the Diva has for us! Your tile is lovely...nice look to do it in a circular format!

  8. So nice to have you join our Zentangle community! I also love how much thought you put into your tangle. I am certain there will be more beautiful tiles coming our way from you.
    This is a beauty.

  9. Bonnie, we could not tell this was only your 5th day working with the tangles. The great thing about Zentangle is that you take the tangles and do variations of them to make them your own. I'm sure Rho and other tanglers such as myself would agree your ZIA (zentangle inspired art) is beautiful.

  10. WOW.... Thank you ALL for all the wonderful comments... I am really loving doing these tangles and will continue to make them... as a matter of fact I have been tangling most of the day... in between other things... LOL... I LOVE THIS... and everyone who is involved seems to also be so WONDERFUL... I so wish I could see all the work that you each do... hopefully some day we will have the opportunity of having something a little faster than dial up at 28 kbps!!! But hey... I am still having fun...
    Thanks again to you all... also for all the links to other places to play too... I am doing them too... LOL... addicted at such an early age!!!!

  11. Wonderful response to the challenge, and welcome to zentangle... have fun... I love it. :)