Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tangling all over the place

 I have to admit that I am totally addicted to this style of art ... I have been a doodler for over 50 years and have saved a lot of my doodles... but this is really addiction plus... I have really enjoyed it too... as I am a doodler at heart...  

The other day I received a beautiful card from a dear friend who happens to be 93 years young... she is still very active in creating... and I love it...  She too is TANGLING!!!  Go for it Sarah... I love it...  Tangling is for anyone who is open and interested in learning more about self, art, and living...  I feel it has done so very much for me... and I have been doing it only for two weeks now!!!!  Above is something that I found in another tangle done by someone else...  and I love the way it jumped off the paper... I have tried to do it... but it doesn't jump off like hers did... again I will try...  Who ever this was, I love the way she  creates.. it is wonderfully exciting.  
 I had some fun with making some of the these patio stones design... and then added a few other things...   Love making these "V's" too...  turned into little mountains... purple mountains...  Love it... 
 As said above I Love to doodle... and when I am going thru the house in the course of a day, I might stop some where and sit and doodle for a few minutes... it might be on the outside of an envelope... as this one was, with a ball point pen...  I don't get those nice even lines but I still have fun!!!  I am a little freer with this form...  as I go wild... 
Okay... another mimic as I loved this pillow look in Totally Tangled book... I am going to be doing some tangling on fabric this week... as I have to get back to my quilt...  I have really had a vacation for the past two weeks... a summer vacation not even leaving the house in I went to Tangle land... have you ever been there... it is WONDERFUL... and everyone is so very pleasant too...  you will enjoy it.. so join in and play...  it is fun, easy and wild place to visit... on a daily stop...  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit today... and hope to see you again later... I will most likely have more to share!!!  A friend is coming over to tangle today... and we will tangle up a storm...  Enjoy your day... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. That is just so cool that your friend still doodles art at 93!! I hope my eyes and hands will still work as well as hers do!! ;)

  2. I love your tangles, Bonnie! Aren't they fun? Will need to do some more myself.