Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Tyme Fun

 Summer TYME..... what a lovely time of the year it is too... I love it... just wish it was a little cooler down here in the south.. but hey.... that is what it is ... 

Today Erin has a GREAT zendala on the challenge... so when I saw it, I saw Summer Tyme all over it... 100% too..  so I grabbed my sepia prima pen and went to town... I love the sepia colored pens... it gives it a warmer look... and since I was going to do summer ... I needed WARM....  

Here is my finished page... but that is the end... I wanted to share with you all the thoughts of summer that were running thru my head while I was creating this zendala....  I was thinking of all the things in my life time that I loved to go in the summer months... the best was swimming in the ocean, a pool or anyplace that the water nice and clean...  of course back in the day that was almost anywhere we went...  today you have to think twice about the condition of the water...   I loved to go out way out in the ocean and float down a few beaches and then swim back... the life guards went crazy, so I had to get up early and do it prior to them coming on duty... I loved it... there were very few shark scares back then too... so I was lucky in that way too...  Ohhhhh summer tyme fun...  

 So that is what started it all... all the things I love to do, like walk in the woods, (outer edge of the mandala)  and enjoy all the wild flowers and the greens and the little pebbles on the ground...  I love little pebbles... sounds funny but it is the truth...  I had a rock garden at our other house and had patches of small pebbles around the rock garden...  love it... and Watermelon... do you remember eating that as a child and sitting some where, where you could spit the pits... what fun that was...  and how about an antique auction... love them.. oh my... then trying to get it all home and finding a place for this GREAT piece of antiquity that you have now as your own...  and how about birthday parties on the lawn... and enjoying ice cream and cake and not having to worry if gets all over the place as the ants will have their own party too... and clean it all up..  and the clown that came to entertain and amuse the kids with a funny collection of hats and making animals out of balloons... oh the Summer tyme fun we had...  

Now I love to see all the greens in the summer... the trees getting their buds and forming beautiful flowers, and everything turning wonderful shades of green... and all the delicious organic veggies that we grown and enjoy everyday of the year... and all the canning and preserving that I do to create the ability of eating our own veggies all year long too...  Oh I love it all.. the memories and each change of the seasonal year... Live is grand, isn't it???  Sweet sweet days.. one after the other...

Here is my page prior to putting the zendala on it...  I used my twinkling H20's and also my inktense pencils and this is what I got!!!  

Oh so much fun each and every day creating all kinds of fun things... 

 Yesterday we had a very strong RAIN storm.. it was wonderful in that we got lots and lots of rain...  it was coming off our roof in sheets... the gutters were not able to hold all the rain...  

At the end of the storm my husband went to look at the creek and the gardens... and all was well.. but the creek was not even full!!! Shows you how much of a drought we are in .... we really need rain every day to keep ahead of this type of thing...  Anyway... I wanted to do a journal page on the rain...  and here is it...  
 My rain is turquoise!!!  As an artist I can make it any color I desire... right??? LOL... so it is turquoise with some lime greens...  Done with assorted inks... paints... and what ever my heart desired at that time of the night...  I had to use some Stencils... and also some dabbers... and then I started with my black pen... and tangled a few things onto the pages...  

 Here is what the pages look like...  I love it... I love creating and I love sharing with all of you.. I just have one more wish.. and that is that I was able to see all the wonderful things that you are creating...  Thanks for all your lovely, caring and wonderfully GREAT comments that you leave for me... and all the letters that I get from all of you too... thanks from the center of my heart.   

Thanks also for stopping by for a visit... and I sincerely hope that you all have a wonderful week-end... and that it is summer memory for you.... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. The zendala is beautiful - and I love your thoughts on summers past. I love the summer (and we live in the South now so it is hot) and I have great memories of summer as a child - maybe my favorite is the memory of summer thunderstorms!

  2. Omigoodness--I LOVE your zendala!!! I'm looking at the template and only have Paradox screaming at me with all those triangles and I so don't want to go such an obvious route...Yours is pretty and whimsical yet organic and that background is divine!! And your rain piece--stunning and lush....Gorgeous Bonnie!!! Happy weekend! I better get crackin' here, seems that bar's been set pretty darn high already!

  3. I am now so ready for some cold watermelon. I love the memories of being a southern girl your post and zendala brings to mind. I do agree with you about the heat!

  4. Your full sheet ZIA featuring this week's zendala is drop dead gorgeous. I love it. I'm so sorry you aren't able to view the other entries. It's a shame to be on dial up; and I didn't know it caused that much trouble. I also like your journal pages on Rain. Lovely work!

  5. Lovely zendala and great APR colors! I hope you get some more rain, too. ;)

  6. Your Zendala is sooooo beautiful and I just love hearing (reading) all about what motivated you to draw it the way you did. Also your "Rain" page is great too. I love the blue green colors and your description of the downpour you had in your area. I live in San Diego and we hardly ever get any rain. I miss it! I used to live on the East coast and I remember those hot, hot, humid summer days and then the thunderstorms and downpours at the end of the day.

  7. Your art journal and zendala are so gorgeous! The greens are very vivid. The blues are just beautiful. The zendala really fits the background as well!

  8. super super fun and fresh!!!! love it!!!

  9. So cool! Love the watermelon slices and the juxtaposition of the two beautiful pieces of art.

  10. I love the wonderful medallion! So pretty! Great job as always!

    Hugs, April

  11. I'm a fall girl and don't much like the heat but your thoughts on summer reminded me of the good times to be had. Your zendala is truly lucious.

  12. Great use of Prestwood and the watermellon slices were a stroke of genius! I also like the bright green 'leaves' in the center. Great, whimsical zendalla.