Monday, August 27, 2012

New Happenings Abound

For years I have been making cards... cards of all types... and I have to say that I cherish each and every one of them...  BUT.... I have over 1000 plus of them... so I decided to CLEAN out MY CLOSET.... and that is the name of my newest blog... as I have put all the fall cards up there to sell...  ohhhhhh I hope you will cherish the ones that you purchase...  or send them to people that will.. .LOL... they are all babies of mine...   LOL...  Anyway... I hope you will take a peek...  and pick out the ones you desire and let me know which ones you want... I will send you a pay pal bill...  it is really easy...  so get all your fall cards picked out and let me know...  I will be adding other cards as time allows me to add them...  I really have picked out over 1000 to sell!!!  not kidding... I am very prolific... and then yesterday when I was cleaning.. .I found another whole bin of cards!!!  So they will be added too...   I spent a day putting all these cards up on a friends computer using high speed... other wise I was afraid I would be literally driven crazy...  Thanks Marie for the help in getting me to this stage...  I totally appreciate it... 

So you can click on the Fall card in the right hand column of this blog... and it will take you right to the sight... Hope you can find some cards that you LOVE... and have to have!!!  I need room to move in my studio... it is getting pretty close in here...  

Thanks in advance... 

OKAY.... so today I have pulled up the DIVA's challenge...and we are to do a blind sighted string... and so I did one...  I love to do this, and do it all the time... as it eliminates me trying to control the string to work with... LOL... so I have a couple that I did the other night too... they are below...  but with out the strings as  I didn't know that this would be the challenge this week...  

 Here is my string that I drew with my eyes closed and my finger on the spot where I started... I did that so that I could close the string up...  I did go out of the lines a little bit... but hey... that is allowed around here...  

I also turned it around so that is another thing that is also allowed...  LOL... I love to have fun and no rules... just play...  just one turn counter clock wise and you can see the original...  this is the direction that I drew it in... 

 BUT then I played... and this is what I added to the string...  a few lines... here and there...  I really love doing this... can you tell???  

I do have favorites but it doesn't matter how many times you use them... they are always different...  

A little here and a little there and you have a wonderful little (3.5 x 3.5 ) piece of art...  Love it...  

 Okay... so here is another one that I did last week...  I love this one too...  As you can see there are a few tangles that I do over and over... I think they are called FAVORITES....  I love them...  and thanks to all that design them... as I love them... 
 This one I did try a couple of new ones... but when I am doing the blind sighted string, I am doing it in another part of the house... and don't have my big book (HUGE NOW)  of tangles ... so these are all from memory...  and my memory at times is not what it was when I was 29...LOL...  But I think I have more fun now than when I was 29???  Not really sure...  Anyway...  this is total FUN.... I love it all...  

I also love shading...  I find that I am doing more shading and it is taking me longer to finish a tangle... but I love the finished results a lot better too...  

Hope you have a good day... and please take a look at my fall cards... and hope you find something that you like...  Enjoy your day in all ways...  Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie  


  1. These are all beautiful. You've been a busy bee on break last week!

  2. Good luck on you new 'selling' blog!
    I love what you did with the diva's challenge :)

  3. Your tangles are wonderful. I love doing them - but need to make more time to just sit and do it!

  4. You know what I love about you??? You do what you love and love what you do! That is a winning combination! These are wonderful!

  5. Lovely zentangle! I've been making my own cards for a couple decades so I never actually buy cards, but I wish you luck. :):)

  6. I am finding that each time I open your website I am in for a treat! No exceptions here!

  7. Your string challenge is beautiful and wonderfully shaded. Great job!

  8. Nice Zentangles - especially the first one with interesting tangles. Your cards are pretty cool too.

  9. each one is more beautiful than the next.

  10. These are wonderful, Bonnie! You do a great job!

  11. Love your tangles, especially hollibaugh with the flowers, really nice!

  12. All three are wonderful Bonnie! I love how you can't resist putting something organic in all your pieces, little flowers here and there.