Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Funny... the theme of the day!!!

 Funny.... is this funny Jenn?? 
I think these ATC's are so cute and so very funny... The Theme over at Just Add Water..... is to make Jenn laugh... and I hope that these do... 

About three years ago, give or take a few years...  I use to do 100's of ATC's weekly... I was trading with over 75 people on a monthly basis and we all sent three ATC's...  wow.. it was a lot of fun.. I use to really love it greatly... the mail was always exciting... I would toss the bills aside and have a blast opening my mail!!!  The Good mail...  LOL...  but I needed to move on a little and since I had run out of room to store all these great little pieces of ART... (over 6000 of them)  I went onto other things... Meanwhile, I did save my very favorite ones... of which I still have... maybe only about 500 or so..  I had to limit myself...  they take up a lot of room...  LOL... they really do.. I had each one in a plastic pocket in a notebook.. and the 500 or so take up two notebooks... maybe I have a few more.. I just love them...  anyway the ones that I decided to give away I gave them to some gals that use them for making cards for nursing homes...  and also use for craft classes in nursing homes on how to make cards etc... so these great little pieces of art went on trips to other and new homes...  
It is a hard thing to give up art for me... I am trying to clean out closets right now... and I personally have over XXXX cards... I am not saying at this minute how many I have... as it is way more than any human should have in a stash.. LOL... anyway... I am trying to catalog and list them, so that I can sell some... not all... just some... so that they will fit into one closet... does that tell you anything about how many I have....  I have stopped making cards... and now just work on my art journals.. which are starting to take up another closet... I am not going to talk about this anymore... way too much...  LOL... but ... the ATC's are the funny part of this story... 

 One of the gals I would trade with was Gay Davis... she lives in NM... and is one of the sweetest people going... she is very talented as you can see... and sees life in a totally fun way... so when I read this challenge I knew that I had to find her ATC's and do a page on her...  I always LOVED to get envelopes from her... she is really very very creative in so many ways.. 

The ATC with the lady by the refrig... it says.... A waist is a terrible thing to mind!!!  How funny is that...  

And the little face... says... Nothing is so small that it can't be BLOWN out of proportion....  WOW... so very true too... 

And this diva mermaid says
Imagination is more important that knowledge...  


So here you have your laugh for the day Jenn...  and I had fun remembering all about my ATC's... now I have to get back to the task at hand and organize over 150 FALL cards that need to have pictures taken and then UPLOADED onto a blog to sell... the uploading part is where I will start to really pull my hair out... YIKES... but it will be good... I hope that people will buy these, after all that I have gone thru... and also keep my closet down to a low roar of cards...  not a pretty site...  I need to CLEAN HOUSE with all the things that I have made...  

Hope you have a wonderful day...  if you are bored.. find something to create or come over to my house and help me organize some cards...  LOL...  Thanks for stopping by for a visit...
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie 


  1. these are adorable Bonnie, what a wonderful collection you must have! I'm just like you, a few years ago though, I went through all my stuff and "Thinned the herd" so to speak. Now I only allow myself to buy stuff I will use and I don't allow myself to collect ANYTHING. It's difficult but I know my tendencies and I"d rather be organized, lol.
    Thanks for sharing these little gems, I do love ATC's.

  2. Those are very cute and did give a giggle! Nice! :)

  3. They are really cute, had a giggle. I can't believe how many ATC's you've made. Good luck with all those photos and uploading.

  4. Wow, what a wealth of ATC's! I think f these 3, the mermaid takes the cake:-)

  5. How many ATC's? Oh my...
    Love these three and they do make you giggle. I like them all but I'm a little like that face with the huge eyes over this challenge...the lights are on, but there's no-one home!
    I'm running out of time I better get going ;D

  6. I just did my first ATCs in the last month. I went to my first meeting last Saturday and got a couple of beautiful trades. One is metal work with colored marker, and one is a collage with raised paint stencils. I can relate to your card, "A waist is a terrible thing to mind!" LOL :(