Friday, January 22, 2010

Resting Pretty

Isn't she the sweetest little girl you have ever seen??? I love these images.. they are so sweet and dear... love them all..

Yesterday was the third Thursday of the month... and that is when Whipperstampers meets... our stamping group...

WE use to be huge in number... but as all things .. we dwindled down to about 6 and now are starting to grow again.. the Girls from the South Carolina group in Greenville attend our meetings and they are a welcome group.. .all are so very nice and creative...

Last night April, one of the gals from the Greenville Stamping Diva's taught our group how to make this card... it is a fun card once you have made a few... I guess I can't quite measure the way I should... because i have really been having issues with this card... I have made a few.. .but have had to adjust the measurements in my own way. ahemmmmm .. I will not go into that now... but I did have to adjust... believe me.. so last night I didn't have to... I sat there and worked on it until I got it... YEAH.. .I did get it... FINALLY.... I added all the goodies and called it a card...

I put it into todays swap as a palindrome, but I really just wanted you to see the adorable new punch with the birds!!!! I love it... it is so precious... I can hardly wait to use it again...

Until then... hope you enjoyed your visit on here... and come back again soon..

Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie

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  1. This little girl IS very cute! You did a great job on the card. I love the bird punch and will look for it soon! Had fun at the meeting!