Saturday, February 6, 2010

Collaged FRAMED !!!!

On Friday the challenge was to make a FRAMED item... or to frame an item... so I had just finished this collaged project and it was framed... and so here it was just perfect for the challenge.. I started out with some pieces of acid free cardboard... and cut them into the sizes I needed for this windowed project... and then sort of put it together and then put the frame around it and finished covering with the paper you see.. .I had bought a ream of this paper and it looked different in the catalog... but I do love the antiquity type of look to it, and love the butterfly and flowers... so I picked out those parts and used them... at least where they could be seen... Then I started to add items that I had been collecting for this gift project.. Flowers, Brass shoe, leaf and I love you at the bottom of the window box...

Now the funniest part of the whole thing.. the cluny type lace... well I bought a bolt of it about 20 years ago.. for $3.00... most likely around 30 years on it... maybe more or less... but you get the point.. I tried to talk the woman down on it.. $3.oo was a lot of money to me to spend on lace that I most likely wouldn't ever use it all... LOL.. I still might not.. I have about 10-15 yard left.. .and it is still great... the color has 'rippened' and looks even better... What a deal on that... Huh?? ?

The whole project took me under 2 hours to do and it is really a lovely project to give as a gift for someone you really like... hope she likes it..

Thanks for visiting me... and checking out all the things I have made... I really appreciate it...
Have a wonderful time... and great week-end..
Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie

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