Thursday, February 4, 2010

Collage cook book pages

Today' s Challenge on SCS is to do a collage... needless to say, I have done quite a few collages and thought that maybe I would share a couple of pages of my cook books with you..
The above page is done with some stamping, using Twinkling H2's on the stamps... and also with some tea bags that I also designed, I also took the stamp, and cut the letters out... to spell PEARS... so much fun... then gluing it all down to create the completed picture...

This page was a spacer page between sections of the book... I took some pictures of myself and created a bird .... the bodies are made from papers that I painted with my twinkling H20's... the branch was created with sheet music that was wrapped around a twig... and the other branches had jeweled leaves and such on them...

Oh so much fun can be had with collage... this page I traced my hands and then stamped them with all kinds of fun stamps... pleated some paper... did some Lace' which is cutting and folding of paper... tore some paper... and then added the recipe..

Hope you enjoy these... I will share some more pages from time to time..
Have a wonderful full day of creating and enjoying yourself..

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

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  1. Bonnie, you are amazing! Making collages is the hardest thing for me. Your cookbook pages are so interesting, and yes, elegant!!