Monday, February 1, 2010

Another carft I love to do...

I do a lot of different types of hand crafted items… Our son gave me this wonderful fiber for a present… and it is so ME… wild as it is.. purples, pinks, oranges, yellows, lime greens, turquoises and all BRIGHT… I made a hat, and then fell in love with the texture etc of the fiber, that I bought some more of it… and made a pair of socks and a scarf to match…I love it… and have had so many compliments on it, that I wanted to share it with you..

I love to spin, and I use a drop spindle to do that… (that is what a lot of people use who don’t have a spinning wheel… very easy to take anywhere and use… ) I have spun llama, alpaca, wolf, dog, horse… (not nice to wear against the body… it itches…) human and a lot of others… I also like to felt, and in the process of making a shawl of many colors… for me… who else would wear all these wild colors… I love to knit and always have a pair of socks going if nothing else is being made.. I make all of Glenn’s socks and he loves the organic cotton ones the best… he is totally spoiled and I love doing it…

Hope you have enjoyed this diversion from the norm… but I am going to be sharing all kinds of things that I make.. hopefully you will enjoy it too..

Love, Light and Peace… Bonnie

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