Sunday, September 30, 2012

Purple Posies

In the course of a week, I do a few things each and every day.. never really knowing how they are going to turn out.. or what will be added to them...  sometimes I will tape them into my journal on a page that I like for them at that time... and sometimes they will be a finishing touch for a page... I really never know.  

So today was really no different... I went to JUST ADD WATER Challenge and Jenn has the challenge of BOTANICAL.... wow... a wide open one for me... I love all living things... and so I went to town...  Thinking ... sort of, but not really... I was going to do flowers... my favorite of all times anyway...  

 So I started to flip through the journal I am working in... and found this really nice zendala that I had a done a while back... and decided to play with that page...  

Of course in looking through the journal...  I had glue in a few butterflies, a couple of other things that were begging to be put into the journal today... LOL... but they were... they were sitting on my work table... starring at me!!!  So in they went.  

 So I started to work on this page... and I drew a few flowers around the edges of the DREAM tag... which is all glimmery and shiney... with a light silver shine to it... along with some purples and lavenders...  

This page has some of my very favorite things... purples, flowers, tangling, dreams... and journaling...  Love them all... 
 I love making layers of all kinds on everything I do... so I wanted to add another layer to this already 3 layer page...  so I drew some more flowers and colored them.. .cut them out and glued them into place... 
 I even added another dimension to the flowers, but adding some Liquid Pearls to the centers...  just a little bit...  nothing gaudy.. just a little...  

 As you can see the shine on the tag here...  sometimes these pictures just don't do the page justice... as I love to use my Twinkling H20's and also Perfect Pearls on my pages...  I love them to shine...  

Life is not one color, one dimension, or one of anything... I could go on and on... but will leave it at that...  so I try to make my pages of flowers as living as possible on many layers... and levels.. 
 I even added some Tangle leaves to the flowers...  trying to keep the theme of this Zendala all sort of together...  

The Zendala is only 3x3 inches... and the page of the journal is 5.5 X 8.5..  
If this is your first time on my blog... I do make all my own journals with papers I have painted and then cut in half and bind with a coil binder...  makes it my art in so many more ways...  I love each journal I have in my possession... I have lost many over the past 50 years...  How could that be ... when I am only 29...  LOL...  Anyway... I use to have a lot more.. but so many have been lost, put aside and then lost again...  so these are now on the top of my working area... and will stay within sight.   I love my journals... and the other day I found a written journal and might even jazz that up..???  What do you think???  

Well have a nice day... enjoy your weather no matter what it is...  and go with the feelings you have.   Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and see you soon.. .

Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie  


  1. I figured you would have to do some of your wonderful flowers for botanical! Lovely!! :)

  2. this is so lovely Bonnie. The flowers look so great in this lay out journal page. very inspiring.

  3. BEautimous, Bonnie. Always a pleasure to wander through your blog posties.

  4. What beautiful flowers, really love them. I've not tried art journalling, you inspire me to give perhaps give it go :)

  5. Pretty pretty pretty. Love your flowers and those letters!

  6. Enjoying the sparkle you give to everything you do, Bonnie!

  7. Love the colors and all that depth of texture and design. Beautiful work (from APR)

  8. really beautiful, bonnie! i love the attention to detail, the color, and the fun!

  9. So sorry I am so late for APR this week... but glad I got here in the end ... I love purple florals as well and at the moment the jacaranda trees mean the streets are covered in purple blooms everywhere ... it is glorious...xx