Saturday, September 29, 2012

Elongated Triangles for a zendangle!!!

Happy Saturday!!!  One and all... yippeee...  I love the week-ends... especially when it is a rainy day... which we have had all morning... it is such a good excuse to honker down in the studio and play... which is just what I did...  a fun time.. 

This week over at The Bright Owl... (love that name Erin...) there is the weekly challenge...  and this week the zendala is really all elongated triangles...  I really wanted to shade this whole thing... and not tangle it at all!!!  I love it...  so the first one I used my colored pencils and colored it in... and then finally  gave in and tangled a few areas... but really wanted it all shaded... love it...  

 So here is the first one I did...

I used a few colors... but tried to keep it as simple in the number of colors as possible... but I wanted an array of violets to blues and onto a lime...  a favorite color combination of mine... that is for sure...  

 And of course I had to put it into my journal that I am working on.. . 

There is a pocket at the bottom... and the page is not complete at all... so I never know what will happen to the rest of this page.. . 

 And of course I had to do one that had flowers... and leaves... and sweetness to it...  I love my flowers... daisies being my most favorite...  

I put this zendala on a punched piece of paper that is also a pocket...  this whole journal has a pocket almost on every other page...  just so I can tuck little things into the pockets...  

 Here is the way the page looks at this point...  the top part of the page is a piece of plastic packaging that has been repurposed...  with some alcohol inks, archival ink and stamps...  so much fun... I loved teaching a whole class on this...  everyone really had fun in the class too... as did I...  

Last by not least... a black and white zendala..  again... I did a lot of shading.. as these triangles really spurred me to do this... I lvoe it..  in and out...  love the motion of this...  

Well I hope that you have a great week-end... enjoying every minute of it...  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and hope to do some more blogging this week.. .I have been spending a lot of time cleaning out stuff in my home... I need to de-clutter each and every room...  including my studio.   So that is what I have been up to these days...  but I am also enjoying these lovely fall days.. . 

Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie  


  1. I love the first one you posted! I need to start using color more. I feel like I always mess my drawings up when I try to add color though.

  2. Since I love color the first two jumped out at me, but I like the third one, too. Very nice. I like how you are fitting them into your journal pages. :)

  3. All of your posted pieces this week are awesome. Great job!

  4. Great Bonny. My favorite is the colored one with the hearts and the flowers. I just adore these kind of artwork with flowers en beautiful colors. Your B&W one is also very nice.

  5. Wow, love what you have done here! Your top one is the best for me, as your color choices are so incredible. The design is wonderful as well.

  6. Great Bonny! My favourite is the black and white one. This more 'original' zentangle idea is still what I like most.

  7. How do you get them done so fast?!
    Great work.
    I like the black and white one to, because it has balance and is a bit of chaotic at the same time (don't quite know how to translate it in English what I want to say, hope you get what I mean ;-))

  8. WOW! You've been really busy...but all of these are just gorgeous and would have taken me FOREVER!!! Beautiful work!

  9. That first one with the stained-glass feel is just gorgeous! All of them beautiful!

  10. I love all your versions, but most of all I love the second one with the flowers and the hearts. Well done.

  11. Love them all, but I think the flowery one is especially lovely. Those journal pages look like a lot of fun too. great place for all your challenges to be shown off!!