Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In My Back Yard

Over at Just Add Water Silly, the Artist Play Room Challenge this week is to see what is in our own back yards, and to create something that is inspirational to us... well I have wanted to draw this huge tree in my journal... and finally took the time to do it...  

We can all find reasons as to why we can or can't do something and have to push at times to get past the road blocks we all set up for ourselves...  They are generally huge lessons for me...  I love doing these lessons, and learning from them...  so off I went to create this tree.... Yes they are in my back yard.. and also in my front, and sides too... our home is nestled into 5 acres of woods... and there is very little grass to cut... when the sun finally gets to these areas, we get a few blades of grass... but generally wild flowers...  I love it... what more could some one ask for that LOVES flowers...  

In our front and side yards we have to HUGE 30 foot magnolia trees... the blossoms are the size of a dinner plate... and then when done, they leave this pod... about 4-5 inches long... and it turns bright red now... so at this time, I know it is fall... as the magnolias had these red pods all over them...  the leaves are shiny green... like they have had wax poured all over them...  they glisten among the pines, cedars, and oaks...  so very elegant in its glory.  

 So I had to do this tree tangle.... and it had to go into my journal I am presently working on...  

I love doing this tree and have done a few of them... each one comes out so very differently... as a tree grows... so do my trees on paper...  each one a little uniquely it's own self...  

Of course I did the background first... a little of this and that... actually I had a piece of paper laying on my work table that I couldn't throw away... it had some of the light turquoise paint on it... so I added some other colors and glued it into my journal... to be used for something... it was just what I wanted for the background.. .  
 So I set to work on the tree... and love the way it grew on the page...  not too large, or too small... just filling the page the way it should.. . 

Then of course it was all in black... and sepia... with a little lime mixed in to give it some spice of life...  

The butterfly was the last thing on a rub on sheet of stickers... and it went onto the page way prior to me starting on my tree...  Sometimes these kinds of things get in my way... while other times it is just an added attraction for the page... that is what happened here...  I love her showing off her beauty.   

I do wish that I could post larger pictures for ya'll to see... but this is hard enough with this 'lovely' dial up...  but this section I did want to share with you...  it is all that fun tangling going on...  love it... 

WEll it is raining here today... so I guess I will be forced to stay in my studio and play... what a shame...  LOL... it is such a shame...  I do love it in my studio on a rainy day... all cuddled into the space and playing with all my inks, paints and things to create something...  

Fall is really coming on quickly... a flock of geese just landed in our pasture...  we have Chinese White Snow Geese and they call to their sisters and brothers to land...  I guess they tell them stories or something... as they all talk for a while and then the Canadians leave on their route to their winter homesteads...  

Fall is here... and on Friday.. it is the International day of Peace... please Please PLEASE... create something for Peace...  if you can scroll down you will see that on a Tangling challenge we made pin wheels for peace... so please create something and bring peace to all into your heart and send it out to everyone you know...  

Have a wonderful week... and see ya'll soon...  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and enjoy your day.  

Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie  


  1. Bonnie - You have outdone yourself - this is so lovely! You have inspired me. I love to do "tangles" of things in nature!

  2. your zentangled tree is stunningly beautiful. I also love the shiny magnolia leaves. When I made designer wedding cakes I used to make similar leaves, much like salal. I love their shiny surface.

  3. That is beautiful, the colours are so bright and wonderful. I could look into that all day.

  4. BEautimous!! I love how you've woven in so many types of "play" into this!!

  5. Bonnie, how gorgeous! I just love it!

  6. This is delightful and makes me smile. :) You've got some great detail there in the trunk and branches and the little random leaf shape is more than enough to reinforce the tree idea. It's a great idea!

  7. Oh Bonnie this tree is stunning... truly majestic!
    You've certainly inspired me.
    I haven't had the chance to draw for over a week but I'm going to rectify that tomorrow. :D
    Thank you for sharing xoxo

  8. I love the way you have treated the foliage... the use of pattern creates so much interest...xx

  9. This is amazingly beautiful, Bonnie. I love all the intricate Zentangles you incorporated into it. Blessings!