Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I am into Knots...

Most of you know that I am on dial up... and it is very difficult to visit other places... but there is one place that I love to go... and that is to Margaret Brenner's  Enthusiastic Artist's site...  have you ever been there???   If not... you should take a trip... and I do mean a TRIP!!!  I feel like I have been on a vacation around the world... all the different places that she has gathered wonderful tangles from seeing thru the eyes of an artist...  and she is truly an artist in the up most way..... I love seeing what she sees... truly magical in so many ways...  so please go over and see what she is up to...  

This week, when I had an extra couple of hours, I spent the hour to download her site...  did a few things while I was waiting...  and then took a vacation...  and I found these lovely celtic knots...  oh wow... what fun are these...  Margaret has a way with directions that makes it so easy to create these wonderous knots...  

I had FUN!!!  

 I had bought a set of these Derwent Graphitint pencil sets.... they are graphite with color in them... they are also watercolor pencils... as when you add water the color jumps out...  but on these knots, I have just used the pencil... and not the water brush... I wanted these to be muted in color...  and the designs to stand on their own...  I love these pencils as I do all of the other sets of theirs too... 

 After making all these alone... I wanted to try some of the backgrounds that Margaret is so famous for... so I had fun with this too... Margaret does it so perfectly...  and it will take me a long time to even catch up to her... but I did have fun...  

So please go and check out her blog... it is really so very interesting...  she is a wonderfully talented, sharing, loving person.   Thanks Margaret for being YOU...  

This week over at I am the DIVA 
Laura has given us another challenge of using the Sankegg..   I didn't really take to this tangle... but isn't that what a challenge is???  To make us move out of our little boxes and grow???  Oh wow...  I really had a hard time with this one.. . 

I will have to really play with this, to get it to move and do what I think it should be capable of ...  but here are my first two TRIES...   and I do mean tries...    I wanted to use the center of the example of the sankegg that Laura showed us...  and so I put that in the center... and as you can see I brought this tangle of Margarets along too...  and then added the sankegg on the edges...  I really had a hard time with this...  but it makes an interesting border...  of some kind?? ? 

 I really loved doing the chebucto which you will find on Margarets site too... ( she has some really great tangles on there...  so different and each one with a trip or location where she has found it...  )   

Each time a new String Pattern is release by the wonder Linda... I do try it... sometimes I like it... sometimes not...  but I do them all...  this one I used the typical 'pipe' as the string design...  and then added my tangles all around... and then used my graphitint pencils to color it.. . 

I really had fun again with this...  I felt a little more at ease with the sankegg tangle...  and will continue to use it... and get use to it...  maybe it will become a favorite... ???  

I also would like to thank every one that so graciously leaves me a comment... I do so wish I had the time to down load each persons blog and enjoy it...  hopefully someday maybe dsl will be installed in this area... or maybe I will get so sick and tired of this horrible dial up that I will move!!!   Anyway... thanks again for all your love and feelings..  

Thank You so very much for stopping by for a visit... and hope to be able to blog a little more often this week... Thanks for stopping by...  

Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


  1. Great tiles Bonnie - I 'specially like the last one and your use of pipe for the string. The touch of color is just right. (Knots are fun, aren't they?)

  2. Your zendalas are beautiful. I like how your incorporated Sankegg in the tile...very nice!

  3. Both tiles are great, but the second has to be my favorite.

  4. I love your knots...they are especially beautiful and I always love saying especially I mean it! You Sankegg pieces are also very beautifully done!

  5. I love what you did with Sankegg. It was tough buy you somehow made it look so sweet and easy. Love it.

  6. Thanks for the info on Margaret. Your tiles are well done. The last one is especially "you" with all the organic aspects.