Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Pin Wheels for PEACE

Wow... I can't believe it is already Saturday... I have so little time this week to play in my studio... but today I will...  not for too long, as I have things to do in the kitchen...  I love days like this though... a little of this and a little of that..  I also have to do a lot of wash... our clothes dryer broke... and Glenn is fixing it now... so hopefully I will be able to do some laundry... as I would like to put on some new clothes!!!  LOL...  

I did take some time from day to day to do a little something... so here are some more Pin Wheels for PEACE.... 

Please go to I am the DIVA for all the details... and then sit down and make a few ... I still have a few more that are sitting on my work area to be put onto journal pages...  but here are the ones that  are finished...  

 My computer or internet is acting up again... so I will have to say Thanks for stopping by for a visit and see you later...  will have a few zen dalas to share with you, I am sure of that..  

Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie  


  1. For somebody who says they have very little time to play you sure manage to get a lot done! Love the pinwheels. :)

  2. your pinwheels are beautiful, and I like that you took it one step further with the art journal.

  3. Your art journal pages are lovely - the pinwheels are the perfect addition to each.