Saturday, February 12, 2011

Earth Laughs in Flowers

Earth Laughs in Flowers… by Emerson.. so very true… and I love the laughing… I giggle all the time.. and it feels so very wonderful in all ways… 

So this stamp really is so lovely.  Now for the other stamps used… the violet medallion is by Just Rite… and it is really a great set… I love it… I stamped it out in about 6 colors… and started to play… wow… then I cut the center out of them… and sunk a message in the center… I do have the Spellbinder that matches with it… so that was perfect…  I used a doily effect for the background using my Bird punch by Blue Hill… Oh yes… I had a few new punches from Martha… one was the ribbon border on the edge of the card.. and also the heart in Filigree… love them both… The FLOWER…. ???   Of course it is from Pretties by Bonnie…where else would it be from… 

It was raining on the day when I made these cards… and I just sat there and whipped out about 10 of them… I will share them one by one… gives me a chance to get other things done… and then you won’t be wondering where I am…  LOL…

So here is the first of many to come…
Hope that you have a wonderful day… and thank you very much for stopping by…
Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie


  1. these are really beautiful. thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely beautiful Bonnie! Love the paperweaving at the bottom!

  3. Bonnie
    Truly lovely.
    I never have to read whose card it is as I instantly recognize your very distinctive gorgeous style. lol
    I love those Blue Hill punches, thank you.

  4. Love the intricate elements to this Bonnie, and the JR Stamps are just fabbo aren't they!

  5. So far behind on the PD commenting! So sorry. I went and looked at ALL your beautiful creations -- I really liked the one with blues and browns and flowers -- awesome stuff Ms Bonnie!