Monday, June 28, 2010

Cuttlebug Challenge Blog Inspiration #90

Welcome Wednesday.... I love this day... as I get to see so many wonderful things... I do so hope you will enjoy all that I have to share with you today...

Today is the release of Cuttlebug Inspiration Challenge #90... and it is to CREATE AN EASEL CARD.... one of my very favorites... I love making these.. WE were suppose to use Minds Eye paper... and you will see what i have done below...

This first one is a very special card... I made it with Minds Eye paper... "Maggie May" and the back paper is from the group "Feeling Groovy"... I had asked a very good friend to see if she could find some for me at this shop near where she works.. and she brought me two sets of this paper... I loved them both... so I had to make two cards... of course... This paper was so wild... I love it... so I embossed the circular paper with the New Template called Perfect Perennial ... it is really lovely... and it cuts out this perfect little square so that you can fill it with something else... I love it... so I put that on top of a white background which as You can see I used a Martha punch to create... The paper flowers were made using a spellbinder daisy... and modified a little bit...
The bottom area, where you want to spot the top area... was popped... up as the stop... (Directions on how to make this style of card is on the post below this one... so you can make some too.. )
I created the bottom white banner using a Martha corner punch, but used it a little pit differently... or creatively as one would say... another purple rose there to with a few leaves and a bow...

I love the richness of these colors together... so what do you think...

Well I had to use the other set of papers too.. Victoria bought these for me... and wouldn't let me pay her for them... so now I have to give back... somehow.. .as she will not take the money from me..

Oh well.. I will figure something out... right!!!
Here is the second card..
This card is entirely different... a lot lighter and brighter too... I made the orange huge flower from the sunflower spellbinder... and cut 3 small and 3 large ones to put one on top of the other..

Then what to do... so I took the New Cuttlebug folder called Brocade Window and embossed a piece of white cardstock... and then cut it to the size I desired... wow... I love it.. .put a few leaves around the flower... and then a bow to sort of hide the cut... and a few light peace pearls on the corners..

Now for the stopper... I created a larger than normal lower panel than I usually do, but that is okay, as I love the paper... so I showed a lot of that... along with a label from the newest Cuttlebug Folder of labels... and added a few pieces of Spellbinder around it... and I was really happy with it..

Here is a close up of the top half of the card..

I love the way it turned out... it is light and pretty... perfect for whom I am sending it to..

Of course I am always doing more and more... well today I wanted to have a nice assortment of Easel cards to share with you.. because to me this is a very pretty card... I love them...
So I had to add one more card to the new ones...
I used some K and Company paper for the back ground of this one...

I love this hydrangea paper... and so I used it for this one.. added a little of Martha... and some Spellbinder, but the focal point is the center.. where I used the newest Cuttlebug folder called Elegant Ellipse... which I love this one.. I have so many ideas of how I am going to use this one... I love it greatly... I am sure you will too..

I used the center on the bottom half of this easel.. I just love the elegance of this embossing folder...

Here is another view of the card... I love all the pearls that I put to frame it out too..

Hope you enjoyed these three cards that were made for the Cuttlebug Challenge Inspiration #90.... And that you will join in on the fun and create one to enter into the challenge... thee are weekly prizes... so join on it...
You might win some more cuttlebug toys... we all need and love more toys... don't we???

See you there..

Now as I said, I love to make Easel cards... so I gathered up a few I have made over the past few months... and put them here for you to see... Not all have cuttlebug embossing on them... but a quite a few do... so sit back and enjoy some more cards..

This one is called Brick wall.. love the technique... and I was in a mood to create with Asian influenced stamps... so this is what I created... I used my twinkling H20's to paint it... I also went onto to create about 10 more using this same card as an example for an Asian Fat Book Page... check out Art Between the Pages for more info...

I can't honestly remember which challenge I created this for ... but I loved the flowers... spring was just about ready to bloom in the south... I can remember that.. some places were having severe snow storms... but the birds were singing here.. so I made this spring card to help it along.. .

This card I made for my Mom... she is partially blind... with macular degeneration.. so I wanted to make a textured card for her...

I also loved the Pussy Willow paper by K&Co... so I used that... along with the Bird punch by Martha... The birds are sitting along the top of the card... she could feel them that way...

The flowers are flowers from Pretties by Bonnie and of course painted with my Twinkling H20's... I also painted the lower section birds with them too.. .I used some spellbinders to create some of the paper laces...

The area that I wanted my mom to feel were the flowers in the scene... they are forsythia... and she use to have huge bushes of it in the house I grew up in... so I wanted her to feel them.. so I used stickles to over lay the color... she also felt the blue birds on the ground feeding... so it was a hit... she still has this card in a prime area for all to see.. .I love this one too..

Oh I guess there is no Number One card... as this one I love too.. .I will start with the background.. .I created it with Twinling H20's... adn the drew some flowers with a thin line black pen... then I added the Lotus by Spellbinders... and a few flowers from
Pretties by Bonnie and a little tag with a special message... on the lower half of the card... I used some scrabell board letters to create the message of flower gardens... the time to plant is NOW... I added the little fence to keep the deer out of my flower garden...

LOL.. It didnt really work... they have eaten most of them.. .oh well..

From time to time, friends send me images that I HAVE to use... this was one.. I love her.. .and have no little girls in my life.. but sent her to a big girl in my life... so feminine and soft and alive.. I added some punched flowers that I made, along with a butterfly from a Marvvy punch.. Oh Martha had just come out with the Heart punch... so I had to put that into this card... of course... lvoe it on the Lattice border...

She is sitting in front of the eyelet pendant... which is another favorite... I love a lot of my toys... as you can see... to me they will make or break a card...

Here's another image ...This card is called I am no quitter.. as the words say... I't stop eating chocolate, but I am no quitter... LOVE IT... so I love chocolate too.. only the good stuff... organic Green and Black is my favorite... the dark kind... yummmmm ... get it away from me...

I used some K and Co paper on this card too..

Again, another K & co paper card... with a butterfly little girl... so precious... I added a background of cuttelbug to this one..and used the dotted swiss on the heart... love that folder... . and also used the large sunflower by Spellbinder to create the purple flower...

This is a fun card with all the purple.. I love purples and don't use it as much as I would like to..

Another card using the spring time Pussy Willow paper by K and Co... I also used an embellishment by them... adn then created the rest of the card with a bird theme... the little row of birds along the top of the card... and I didn't have one the size I wanted so I created this little bird... which is also available at Pretties by Bonnie

I usually love light colors but wanted to bring out the branches of this special paper... so I used a brown chiffon ribbon.. .love it..

I also used dotted swiss behind the bird...

I had so many birthdays in May and June... and one day I had a friend over ... Brenda, to play... and was making birthday cards... I created this card.. in front of her... and it was for her... SHE Loved it.. of course she didn't know it was for her until I gave it to her.. LOL.. it didn't matter ... she loved the saying and gave it to me for the card...

Happy Birthday Brenda... again and again...

Violets... love them.. .a favorite flower.. of course the daisy is my very favorite... but I guess the violet is 2nd... love the color and the sweetness of the cuties...

This was a fun card to create with all the spellbinders... adn the violets.. which are Pretties by Bonnie

I love the looks of this card... The little area on the bottom just finished it off to my total liking..

I needed some samples for a technique class and created a few cards so that they could see the backgrounds being used...
So this is the card... of many... but a resist class card... I also added a flower using pages from an old book...

The stopper in this card is simply the raised bottom of one sheet of card stock... it really needs alittle bit more... but it does work... buttons, and all kinds of things will act as a stopper..

Have fun with making a few of these cards... and get them into the Inspiration #90... you are a winner anyway... but hey.. you might get some new toys in the process...

Thanks for taking a look at all my Easel cards... and have a wonderful day...

See you soon... Love, light and Peace...Bonnie


  1. OMGosh Bonnie! What beautiful beautiful eye candy! All of your cards are exquisite!! You have been busy busy!!

  2. I kept scrolling and scrolling ohhing and ahhing at each easel card - then I began to think this post was never going to end! what gorgeous cards Bonnie! love all the techniques - the punches - wonderful designs and varied themes on them!

  3. Bonnie, I can't believe my eyes when I look at the wonders you perform with your hands!! Every one is special, different, and oh, so lovely!! You makes treats for the eyes!!!

  4. These are beautiful, Bonnie! Must get my thinking cap on and make one for the challenge. Been working hard on other challenges, but hope to squeeze one of these in too!

  5. Oh my Bonnie these are all beautiful I just love all of your wonderful detail on your cards.

  6. Such beautiful elegance, Miss Bonnie! Amazing!

  7. Wow Bonnie, this is a sure case of ask and ye shall receive!! Check them out, a whole library worth... I have had a good look at each, thanks very much for sharing each one, something different to see across every little one too!

  8. Good grief but THAT was a HUGE posting - all that gorgeous eye candy! WOW! Your cards are amazingly detailed!

  9. Wowee, Bonnie, you have been a card creating machine with all these lovely creations! I'll be missing in action this next week...going to be a beach bum for awhile. Will catch up to you in a week!

  10. GASP! OH, MY WORD! Where to start?!?!!?!? All are so incredibly gorgeous and so beautifully detailed, Bonnie! Stunning~ Stunning~ work! YOU totally ROCK the cuttlebug stuff! They are fortunate to have you! Beautiful creations!

  11. I love easel cards as well bonnie-and your collection is so striking-love the new paper you used on your first 2 cards-hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend

  12. Very nice, Bonnie! Do I have to choose a favorite? Wow that is a lot of cards. I love your Tildas and your big orange flower :)

  13. These are all very inspiring, especially the textured card for you mom. My dad also has MD and I've tried to think of ways to make cards he could feel. Thank you for the inspiration!

  14. Bonnie, I don't even know where to begin in telling you how much I love all of your cards above. There are so many exquisite details on each one, each is a work of art!! I love the easel style, it really displays the card so perfectly.
    Hope you are enjoying your summer and had a wonderful Fourth Of July. We got rained out here but that's okay. Patriotism comes from the heart and we have it all year long!

  15. I have recently found your blog and I am overwelmingly impressed by your use of dies and punches.
    After seeing your card posted on 28th June I have managed to purchase the looped hearts punches. I could not find a site in the UK that had both in stock so I had to get them seperately. I have tried in vain to recreate your small punched square and the banner on the bottom. Have you any tips or it it a secret?
    Best wishes Pauline