Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Cuttlebug Folders Card

EDIT:  January 31, 2013 

I have had so very many requests for these cards... so I have made them available in kits... 
For more information... please contact me...   

Okay.. .I got some new Cuttlebug folders the other day like I told you.. and wow.. have I been having fun with them.. .I cut and emboss everything in white cardstock and then start to layer and recut more, and layer more.. take away... add more... use some spellbinders... add some flowers... add some swirls... take away... add some birds... like them... will keep... cut some more leaves... dont' like that paper... paint some paper, with Twinkling H20's.. they need to shine... This is how it goes... almost 12 hours of it..
And then I start to see what I liked... and what I am going to keep and what goes... this is the finished product... totally opened...

But when closed... it looks like this..
on the left... (or where ever it ends up.. I still can't figure out how these pictures are going to end up.. never the same on here.. but life goes on... )

Anyway.. this is made with Lace Door Folder... it is cut and embossed , but there is a center to it also.. which is still on the table being patient for it to be used on something else.. I then mounted that on a corner and border sheet with Martha's punches.. and then mounted that on scored paper... the heart was put onto the heart shaped hole that was cut thru all the layers... you can sort of see some of the purple ... but not much.. At the bottom of each one of the panels is the Grand Lace Border by Spellbinders... A bow and ribbon is on the top part of each one of the lace borders..

Okay.. .so now you start to open the card...

And this is what you see... on the left you will see He Loves Me folder... and the back side of the heart from the cover of the card... it is mounted onto another Heart border and corner sheet using a Martha punch set.. which is used thru out all the pages..

On the right you will see the scored paper and a dragonfly... the dragonfly is two stickers... each one put onto acetate and then cut out and layered to look like they are ready for take off... Then mounted onto the that all the wings are free to fly away...

Here is a close up of the dragonfly and the heart which I cut to follow the die of of He loves me folder..

When you look into the heart you will see the purple flowers now.. that is for sure...

and a few of the pearl centers... peeking out at you..

Then you open this page...

and this is the center of the card... In all it's glory...

This panel is created with Brocade Window folder ... and I used it on Parchment paper so that I could do a little -->pergamano... Which I did... and then I lined it with a very delicate lavendar paper... I also added a little bit of another folder called Elegant Elllipse... it is just the outside top part of it... down at the bottom of the opening you will see one of the labels... which is painted with twinkling H20's... as are the flowers... which are all from Pretties by Bonnie .

This gives a very elegant center focal point to this card...
I love this card... and I think it is my very favorite card that I have made at this point... tomorrow another ... and then the beat goes on as they say..

I had quite few inquiries today from gals about these folders... asking pricing etc... they are not the usual price of the Cuttlebug Embossing folders... because they are not like them at all.. this folders look different, perform different and also are FANTASTICALLY WILD... I love them.. you can really build and build with them.. all different kinds of things..

Here is a close up of the center... and also of the label area... the shine on the paint is so wonderful.. .that is why I love it so very much..
I used paints and also markers to create the color on the parchment paper... and also white and gold gel pens for detailing..

The little birds were added to give some more life and movement to the card... you need to have life with flowers or they look unreal...

The flowers all have a pearl in the center... and are glued onto the parchment... with a quick drying glue... I am having a lot of problems with zots and foam squares not sticking... my house is warm in the winter... above the average household... we heat with wood and the stove is under my studio... ugh!!!! and then in the summer I really can't have the AC running.. so it is hot then also.. so maybe that is the problem... but either way.. I am starting to use more and more glues.. and find that it works better... my cards are staying together!!!! YEAH!!!

This is another close up.. and the final picture..

So go to your local store and see if they have these in stock... buy them all.. as one gal wrote today on SCS... as I put a card up using some of the other folders... and she had seen them and didn't buy them... her comment was "<--- ...="" 4="" a="" all..="" all="" also="" am="" and="" are="" at="" back="" be="" beautiful="" by="" couple="" create="" day..="" day.="" day="" dont="" enjoy="" even="" few...="" find="" folders="" for="" friends="" fun="" get="" great...="" greatly...="" had="" hands...="" hanger="" have="" having="" her="" hope="" href="" i="" in="" into="" is="" kicks="" locally...and="" lol..="" love...="" love="" make="" messy="" might="" more="" of="" on="" other="" out="" over="" play..="" putting="" results...="" see="" seen="" self="" she="" shopping...="" so="" some="" someone="" something="" stacy...hope="" still="" store="" sure..="" than="" thanks="" that="" the="" them.="" them="" they="" those="" to="" too..="" town="" trouble="" unhappy...="" us="" we="" well="" will="" wonderful="" wonderfully="" you="" yourself...="" yourself="">Cuttlebug Challenge Blog for a chance to win some wonderful prizes and also to see some FANTASTIC Wedding accessories... They are really all delightful and could and can be used for any type of festive get together... All are really creative and lovely... check it out NOW...

Love, Light and Peace.. Bonnie


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