Monday, June 21, 2010

After the Wedding

Well after any wedding there is always the Honeymoon... right... well this week is also Our anniversary... 42 years as of June 26th... wow... and we still LOVE each other...

So here are some cards that were made during the week of wedding on the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog Wedding Affaire week... As you know I put up all kinds of cards to support that project... If you have not entered your wedding card... please go to Wednesday and look for the My Linky and send yours up... there are prizes galore for last week.. I hope you win some..

Here is a card that I made.. .and the center medallion is a casing of Amazing Paper Graces card a few weeks or month ago... time??? can't quite figure it out yet... anyway... I just loved this and created it a little bit differently... but similar...

This card I made for Tea Pot Tuesday... where we were in NYC... and that did bring up some feelings for me.. .that is sure.. at one time, I was a young woman... working in the garment district... designing fashions, fabrics... living the high life and enjoying every minute of it.. .but am sure glad that I live on the FARM now... yikes... the city pace is way too much for me.. but at the time ... love that too..

The Sea... We have a FAT BOOK coming up with the theme of Sea, Sand and Shells...So I have been creating all kinds of pages... trying to figure out which one to create... this one went into a card... so it is not this one.. you will have to check back in July some time in ART BETWEEN THE PAGES to see what I did.. Entirely different..

But a little bit the same...
Thanks Wanda Cullen for the directions on the knot.. .I loved it when you did it on that special card... and got the directions... and will use it on my fat book pages... thanks again..

Okay... now during that WEDDING AFFAIRE time, I had quite a few friends over to play... one day Brenda and I were fooling around with inks.. and we created some fun cards...

Here is the one that we did with the horse.. so much fun.. I did change it around a little bit from the ones we saw on line... but we had so much fun doing these .. I also turned this one into a Father's day card for my Sweetie... the fence is on the side, so that the horse can run free...Our Pinkie ( a Belgium) died a few years ago.. and Glenn still misses him greatly..

Another card we created ... done our way.. adn then cut and of course I had to add one of the newest folders... SEEING SPOTS by Cuttlebug... love that... the four corners are also cuttlebug die cuts... love this ... I also used Speelbinders for the focal point to be highlighted... Love the colors of this one..

On Splitcoast Stampers, one of the challenges that I did during this time, was to make a one piece... I dont think I had ever truly made a one piece card... it was not as easy as it looked to me.. I love layers.. DUH... and so this was a true challenge for me..

One of my favorite designs from this one line sight was this one... again we did change quite a few things... but very similar... Mine if the one on the left... and Brenda did her's in the other direction... I love both of them.. we really did have fun with making these...

Since that time, I have show two other groups of gals how to create these cards too.. everyone has fallen in love with making them... so I guess we will all have very inky fingers in my circle of friends... LOL.. that is fine.. it is better than a soriety pin... you don't have to remember to wear these... they are always with you.. I do hope that you have enjoyed these... I do have some more things to share with you... I am posting the Native American Book in the Art Between the Pages blog... So take a look to see all the gals work... some really nice pages..

Thanks for visiting my blog today... hope you enjoyed all the cards ... and please come back again.. even though it is acting up... I hope I can publish this... I dont' have any control right now with where anything is going on this blog... ugh...
Have a fun evening... Love, Light and Peace..Bonnie


  1. OMGoodness! You have really been on a creative roll this w/e! So many great cards, Bonnie!

  2. Forgot to wish you a very happy anniversary!!

  3. You are a true artist. There is nothing simple about your work, you always have such wonderful details to everything you do. I wish I could think like that.

  4. first let me say happy anniversary-it's a wonderful milestone-you have posted another gorgeous set of cards bonnie-love the medallion card

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and Glenn, My sweet friend. Those years sure go fast, don't they??!!!! All your cards are so beautiful! I am so delighted you are willing to share them,each more beautiful than the one before!!!

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and Glenn. Our 30th is on the 28th of June! Wow! it doesn't seem that long. I love your cards. The tea pot Tuesday card just strikes me. Simple and elegant and the colors pop.

  7. Happy anniversary - wonderful creations you have made~~

  8. Happy Anniversary and many, many more!! I think that is so fabulous and wish everyone could experience that wonderful gift of sharing all of their years with that special someone, it does my heart good to see! Blessings, Bonnie and Glenn!
    All of your cards in this post are so exquisite, each one so different in it's own right. Fabulous creativity and I am so happy that you share it with us. Truly inspirational!

  9. Well there is a demonstration in one post Ms Bonnie!! Congratulations on the longevity of your marriage, so special!! I love all the cards and have had a good look at all the details, the first is my fave, artistry in all!