Tuesday, June 15, 2010

With a little color added

Here are some that a little color has been added to them... but each and every one of these could be done in all white too.. working in all white is really no different than using colors... you just have to add textures and depth and it is all fun there after.

On this one, I use the dotted swiss Cuttlebug... and even though the card is 5x 7 I extended the paper and embossed it twice... be careful not to go over the edges of the template the 2nd time... leave a full sheet of dotted swiss... that you can use for a card back ground... Or else... now Cuttlebug has a 5x7 polka dot embossing folder... the dots are a little bit larger... not quite as delicate... but still very nice.

I have to add a side note here... sometimes when I am in my studio, I have to spend some quiet time... to think, to plan out a card, to just spend some time doing nothing... just to meditate with self. so I will grab some white paper and cut out things using my spellbinder templates... and so I always , generally, will have some white things to play with... when I was building this card, this was laying on the space next to where I was working... so I picked it up and used it... I added alittle saying on one panel and then a couple of flowers I had drawn, and the little bird on a nest... Very simple and cute... no bow... nothing to draw away from the focal point... which was the build up of the spellbinder papers...
This card was again another 5x 7 and so I ran the Textile cuttlebug folder thru the bug twice... with this design you really cant see the overlay of the designs.. so it was very easy... I have published a 'few' doodle books and wanted to use a few on my cards... this is one and you can purchase this one at Pretties by Bonnie and use it in a lot of different ways... this is one that I have used it on.. I did copy it, and then cute it out... lightly coloring the flower and leaves.. and then popped it onto a circle (spellbinder) and then cut out a lot of Martha's corners of this particular punch... and glued them onto the circle... to create the medallion...

The butterfly I also ran thru my Cuttlebug with the dotted swiss folder... and added some pearls in the center. A pale blue ribbon was used to finish the look.

This card literally came together by itself... I am sure you have had that happen at least a couple of times too.. I had a bunch of things on my studio table... and had to make a card really quickly... and all of a sudden there it was, sitting there looking at me... so I glued it all together ...

I had just bought this large eyelet punch... (actually Marie, my enabler... and also FRIEND... had just bought it ... she lives close to a Mike's and uses a 40 or 50 off coupon... what a friend she is... in many ways... ) Anyway, I had been playing with that... and had quite a few examples on my table.. and then the swirl Cuttlebug paper was laying there... I had just made this flower and had added it to Pretties by Bonnie line... so that was there... added a piece of green paper and was done... wow.. that was quick... actually it just took me longer to write about it than it did to put it together... Of course the paper color and the leaves match to make it a very simple card... the more color you add, the more complex it will look...

This card was a casing... the gal who originally made this card is called Cathleen Torina, a Paper Doll, and she makes some of the prettiest cards... This one is very simple, plain and yet so very delicate and yummie... The card is made with the large deep cut punch by Martha Stewart, and used on the top and bottom... then a few little flowers added with the panel and bow... and done...

How pretty is that... That can certainly be done in all white ... as a matter of fact come back tomorrow and you will see it done for a Christmas card...

Hope you have been trying your hand at some of these cards... Adding your own personal touches makes it YOU... so make sure you add a little of you... that is very important...
Thanks for stopping by and visiting... hope to see you tomorrow again...

Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie


  1. These are lovely as usual, Bonnie. The detail makes them so pretty.


  2. Oh, these are gorgeous Bonnie. It seems I seldom run into you here in blogland but it's always such a pleasure when I do. Your cards are such a treat to these tired old eyes. Hugs, Mel

  3. Bonnie - you have been cranking out the cards! These are so elegant with the "touch" of color!!

  4. Your white on white layered cards are always gorgeous, and adding 'just a little' color is so awesome!!! they are all elegant, GF!!

  5. Love these, the texture in the all white sections is so fabbo and I love the little pops of colour, different each one! Well done Bonnie!

  6. OHHHHHHHHHHHH these cards are all so beautiful. Great Job I'll have to sleep less to keep up with all your creations. Thanks again.

  7. I love the predominance of the white with the little splash of color. So lovely, Bonnie!!
    I have to tell you that everytime I come to your blog and I see that picture of you with your husband I have to smile. You look like the very best of friends and totally happy. So sweet :)