Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Paint.... A Cuttlebug Challenge ..

Okay... so here is the NEWEST Cuttlebug Challenge... and you are ALL invited to join in on this challenge... I will tell you all about how EASY it is in just a minute...

The Challenge is to Paint something... now come on... how easy is that...

To enter... you make a card with something that you have painted... you can even do a scrapbook page, a lampshade... anything.. and oh yes... of course you have to have used a cuttlebug embossing folder... But that is so automatic for me... you see I am addicted to these folders... there are very few cards that I make that I don't use one of these folders someplace on it.. .

Anyway.. .now you make that item.. and go to and you post that card with Mr Linky... it has to be up someplace... like on our blog, or in an active on line photo file... like Photobucket... etc... you know the ones... and then link to that item... and it will appear magically... and you might even win... yes there are prizes... all of this and more are on the site... So much fun here … instruction plus and new things all the time… just take a look for yourself and see..
Okay... so I know you want to know what I have done here to make this card... well Susan Mansell of Australia, who has been a friend of over 8 years now... one of those GREAT on line friends that I just love... we lost each other for a couple of years, but she found me the other day on Split Coast Stampers... and so now we are in touch again... so wonderful to have friends that you have lost back in your life... Anyway... she showed me this card on her SDS gallery.. and then I went to her blog to see more..

She had taken one of the Martha Stewart punches.. and had punched on the inside of a circle... wow... isn't that fun and neat??? So very different for a WONDERFUL different NEW look... I love it... all of it.. Susan used a sunflower from Spellbinders... but ya'll know me... I have to use some flowers from Pretties by Bonnie and so I did... Some of the violets and the daisies... since they are digital, I can make them any size I desire... with any program I have on my computer... I then painted them with my Twinkling H20 paints... which make the flowers sparkle since they have ground mica in the paints... and then I cut the flowers and leaves out...(leaves are also on site) and layered the flowers and then arranged inside the circle...

Oh I forgot to tell you the most inportant part... Prior to mounting the circle sheet... I ran it thru my CUTTLEBUG... with the new polka dot embossing folder.. This folder is 5 x 7... and this card is 6 x 6 so it works really well with this size and also the 5 x 7... anything smaller you just have to cut off the excess... which is never a problem..

Thank You Susan for this fantastic idea... I love it... and know that everyone out there will too.

Here is a close up of the card, so you can get a better idea of what it really looks like... I really love this look... and will make a few more up coming really soon...

My second project using paint was to create a box... Oh you know .... the box that is created with a 12 x 12 piece of paper... I just changed a few things around... like I didn't let the top go all the way down to the bottom... I put some Dotted Swiss paper around the box... and some large black pearls... to hold the top up in place... I also ran a row of paper lace that I made with a Martha punch...and then painted different flowers on each of the four sides...

Here is another side...

And another side...

And another side..

And the last side...

Okay.. so how did I do this.. it is called Black Magic... but I have changed it around a little bit... I use a product called Opaque white from Copic... it comes in alittle jar... and you can paint with it... so I use a little paint brush and create my flowers where ever I desire... then I use paint, markers or what ever I again desire to make my flowers come alive with color... On all of these boxes I have used markers, H20's and also colored pencils for some of the finer details... to create the look I wanted...

On the top, I decorated it with a square using a Martha punch... and in the center, which is not photographed too well is a dotted swiss panel with a bow over it... and four pearls out at each corner... just for the finishing touch...

Hope you have enjoyed this... and please make something painted and join in on the fun..
You have until June 15th to enter... so you have a lot of time... we would love to see your project there... Thanks so much for joining in on the fun there...

And thanks for stopping in for a bit today to join in here and take a look see at some of the things I have been creating.. Hope to see you tomorrow too.. more on the way..

Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie


  1. Super pretty and so many lovely little details! Fantastic project and card, Bonnie.

    Your 'bug sis,

    Oh my goodness. I feel like a fresh spring breeze just brightened my morning.
    Thanks Bonnie for sharing such lovely creations. I will play in Cuttlebug this week, just for that :)

    And by the way, you hail from my home... I am a transplant Texan and you my friend are in my favorite place in the world. Luuuuuckyyyyy! :)

    Have a great day,

  3. Such a lovely combo, Bonnie! I'm delighted to see all four sides of the beautiful box!! We are so excited to have you as a member of the Cuttlebug Challenge Design Team!!! You are so wonderfully talented, and a great lady. I look forward to a very special friendship!


  4. Oh my word!! How beautiful!! That card is so wonderful with all the punching and flowers. The box is BEYOND words. Thanks for showing all the sides! What a rare thing!!!

  5. Soo soooooooo fabulous!!! I can tell you love what you do :)
    Im just in awe of your talent!

  6. Hi Bonnie..
    I love your gorgeous card!!!!!!!and very beautiful box!!!Your work is Amazing!!!
    Have a fab week:)xxx

  7. Looks fabulous Bonnie, I see a lot of you in these, particularly the inner circle technique with the lovely flowers, way to go girl!

  8. Bonnie, I'm just getting home from work and thank you dear friend for all your kind comments! I'm drooling all over my keyboard with my mouth hanging open at your gorgeous card and box! (Well...I'm not really drooling but hope you get the message how much I like your project - lol).

  9. these projects are beautiful bonnie-I was at a craft store today and went up the paint aisle-I immediatley thought of you- i wondered if I should buy something-then I thought what would I do with it (lol) so I passed it up-
    you always work wonders with your projects-love the cb ef you used

  10. Love, love the card and box. These are stunning!


  11. what beautiful flowers on your projects Bonnie! love that box and the pretty 'nosegay' of flowers on the card!

  12. I love it Bonnie and love the colours too, and moreso love the fact that we have found each other again,

    I will try your challenge time permitting and share it with you,

    thanks for all your beauties

  13. I love, love, love these colors together!! You have the loveliest detailing on all of your creations, Bonnie. It looks as if you may have had some experience with flower arranging, everything is always so perfectly laid out and proportioned so well. What a talented artist you are!!

  14. wow, only thing needed to say.
    rules at top of my blog

  15. Gorgeous card and box! You went over the top on these creations! Love them!