Saturday, June 5, 2010

Queen for the Day

Every Friday, there is a challenge on SCS called Queen for the Day... and it had a slight twist to it this week... and boy was it ever fun.. WE had to case a card from a particular gal and then also tell a story... Well this week the Queen that was chosen was someone called ConnieJo9... she and her sister are two of the funniest, fun loving sweetest people that are on SCS... They are both creative and go back and forth between each other in their creations also... which is a pleasure to see and enjoy.. So this week... Connie Jo was cased... (casing is where you see a card that the person has created and make a few changes... and create your own from it.... ) So the Card I saw was three chickens, one on top of the other... and the story I wrote was a very sweet story about our son... and it goes like this...

Cowboy Small…

Oh yes… every child has to have a fish or two in their lives… right…

Well one day I broke down and bought the proverbial 25 cent goldfish that ended up costing me over $15.00… bowls, cute little house for the fish to live in… etc etc… and food for a year or two.. it was cheaper by the larger container.. .etc. etc…

Came home and instructed the kids to feed the fish only ONCE a day.. in the morning when they got up… that was it… other wise they could look at it all that they wanted to.. enjoy it etc…

Both named their fish.. .and I can’t remember what our daughter named her’s but our son’s was called Cowboy Small… as that was his favorite golden book… I am very surprised that I can not remember that story to this day… I read it every night for years… oh well the fish was Cowboy Small..

The next morning I thought I had better see if the bowls needed to be cleaned… they were very small bowls… etc… so I looked and Cowboy Small was floating upside down on about ½ inch of food.. .so I guess he died of no air… I explained to my son what happened and told him that we had to bury Cowboy Small… I always took extra time to explain things to the kids… if I had to do it all over I might not… anyway… I grabbed a spoon and we dug the grave for Cowboy Small.. and put him into it and said a prayer.. (Now I Lay me… prayer… ) and put the soil over the fish…

There were no tears or anything .. and we walked inside… and the kids ran to play… nothing more was said!! That was so easy…

In a few minutes I went to see what the kids were doing and the fish (Cowboy Small) was back in his bowl????? Oh my goodness I am loosing my mind… !!! I asked the kids how the fish got back into the bowl… and our son said…

Cowboy Small didn’t like it out there… he really wanted to be in here with me…

I waited a few years… prior to buying more fish… and when I did my son’s fish which cost only 25 cents again… grew to be over 5 inches long… and he was over 10 years old when he finally died… he also started out as a Cowboy Small… but his name was changed to Jaws… as he only wanted to eat raw chopped beef… picky fish…

And this is not a fish story… it is the truth…Honest injun..

So now you see how the challenge worked... some of the stories and going ons are so very funny... If you want to see them all... go here.

I hope that you have enjoyed this entry... I have enjoyed sharing it with you... and hope that you have a wonderful day... and a fantastic week-end...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... come on back real soon...

I am working on some fun things... I just can't share them with you right now.. but you will see them all real soon...

Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie


  1. What a fun story about Cowboy Small Bonnie! and I love your fun fish on your card as well as that lovely punched lacey edge!

  2. Love your fun fish card, Bonnie! Fun story!

  3. I loved your cowboy small story bonnie-kids give us the best memories dont they!! very nice card for the qftd-connie jo

  4. Great card and I so enjoyed your story!

  5. Fabulous card Bonnie! I love the colorful fish!

  6. Oh Bonnie, I just love the fish! I have a lot of nautical stamps and need to get them out to play with! These fish are gorgeous!

    Hugs, April

  7. What a great fish story, Bonnie! We tried goldfish when our kids were small and they would be belly up after only a few days. We finally tried a beta fish (the males are sooo gorgeous with their color and fancy fins!) and we had one for over 2 years!

  8. Very cool job with the fish, they look great! I love the coloured up dots too, nice and water like!!

  9. Great card and story, Bonnie! I love the layout here with the colorful fish going from small to large. So pretty and cheery!

  10. Bonnie, what a fish story!! Thanks for sharing it with us.....I think we have all had some contact with dimestore fish that ended badly!!! Your card is wonderful...I just love the colors of the fish!!! Great job!

  11. Too cute! Love the patterns on this one! Adorable card, Bonnie!