Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Be Inspired # 91

Oh wow.. this week the Cuttlebug Challenge is so fantastic... it is Doilies and lace.. oh talk about something talking to YOU!!!! This really talked to me... I really wanted to do about 10 cards... but felt that one was worth a million.. so here it is..

I am going to walk you thru the layers of this card... so many gals have written and asked.. so here it is...

The bottom layer is a Martha Stewart... most of my cards are 5x7... so if you make a A4 size you will have to adjust I guess... I dont' make too many of that size at all..

Then I have a layer of polka dotted pink paper... and that fits inside the frame... and that is trimmed with the antique lace...
(story time.... about 40 years ago, I went to a small store way out in the country of NJ, which is now very built up... but back then it was way out there... and I bought this BOLT of antique lace... it was very expensive to me back then... it cost me all of $6.00 I think... not more than that... and I still have about 8 yards of it left... can we say that I use it very sparinginly?? So this card is a special card to say the least... Each time I use it, it have to be something very special... and this one is... end of special story)

and then the pink ribbon is around the edges of that... I do use a wet glue... and it does make the card heavy, but that also saves it when mailing it... other than these delicate flowers... LOL..

(which when I ship a card like this, it is either in a box, or in a mailing envelope... where I have a piece of plastic over the flowers... when you buy something that has a nice dome to it... save it and recycle it with mailing cards that have flowers on them... )

Then I took a of a stack of paper doilies... and mounted them behind the Chic circle..
Which I pop dotted the Chic circle...which is in white... and not in off white... I wanted it to stand out... which it really does... and added the little tag in the pink polka dot too.. with the message"FLOWERS FEED THE SOUL" which in my life they do..

The flowers!!! I love the flowers... it makes the entire card to me... what do you think???
I took about 8 doilies and cut the center out... and made flowers out of the doily edges ... and put them all around the edges of the chic circle .. and mixed in some paper flowers that I made also...

I added a couple of little birds... one flying and one in the next... a little couple making a family ... and a tag saying how flowers feed the soul.. which let me tell you they certainly do..

Here is a closeup of the flowers so you can see it is a twist and gather method of making the doily flowers... very easy and quick...

The paper flowers are made from a punch... and then gathered around a pen... and glued in place... oh so very easy.. and if I do say so... very elegant and feminine...

I love it.. a favorite of mine... that is for sure...

When making cards... I have different piles...
and this one is going into the save pile... it will be in my collection until I do something to replace it, or something better... That is the way it goes around here...

Hope that you will look up the Cuttlebug challenge and join us by making a lace and doily card of your own... it is so much fun... please join us... we would love to see your creation..
Hope you will join us... and also I want to wish you the happiest of days... enjoy every second of it... and I will be back soon... I have had the pleasure of our son visiting us for the past two weeks... so I will get back to "normal" by Monday... I promise...

Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie


  1. WOW WOW WOW!! Look at all the beautiful layers on this one! I can see the challenge definitely spoke to you!

  2. Bonnie, sometimes you just take my breath away!! These doily flowers are awesome. I have to try this. P.S. Frog fat book.Is it near ready???

  3. I love the doily flowers! Your card is just fabulous -- so much detail! Whooo-hooo!

  4. How I love your work. Thanks for giving the details, I hope you continue to do that with all your projects.

  5. All I can say is WOW! I'm speechless (and that doesn't happen very often, ask the hubs, LOL) I just love your amazing creations. I found you from the Cricut MB and hopped over to see your Doily flowers and fell in love! You have a stalker for life now, LOL I sure hope you don't mind! Everything is amazing! Take Care and can't wait to see your next creation!

  6. Hi Bonnie:)
    Wow you really rocked this challenge..Your card is simply Stunningly beautiful..TFI
    Have a fab week my friend:)xxx

  7. This is so over the top, drop dead gorgeous, I don't even know where to start. AWESOME!!!

  8. Another amazing card! Doily flowers are fabulous!!

  9. This is so lovely. I just wish I could see a close up of the entire card.

  10. Well this was right up your alley wasn't it Bonnie, what a fabulous piece of work you have here, love all of the flowers and texture, just delightful to me!

  11. Wow, fascinating, you really make full use of MS punchers rather than cuttebug embossing...!

  12. Bonnie: I am a punch fanatic too and love your cards along with the vintage look!! Can you tell me what the dimensions are for the paper on your easel cards? Thx. Rosie