Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Challenge #127: "DuoTangle v. VII: Cirquital/Opus"

This week is a wild week already...  I have been trying for a long long time to get an Etsy store open... and I have finally done it...I hope to get some items in there tomorrow or the next day to sell...    That is quite an accomplishment with this 'wonderful' dial up... LOL..  it took 12 tries to get the banking info into place.. and a few more times for each of the other things... but I finally did it... Now for the pictures... which should be fairly easy... as I can do it for my blog fairly easy... I have learned not to panic when I am in the middle of doing something and I am not connected...  as the line is undone by people moving faster around fastest speed is 44kbps... that is slower than a snail moves... LOL... I guess that is why I draw so very many snails... right??? 

Anyway...  today the Diva has given us a Duo Tangle to do...  and so here is mine...  
 I have been on the computer all day and my mind is not clear yet... I will try again a little later maybe... but then again... maybe I will fall asleep!!!!  

Today was the first day in many that we have seen the sun all day long... and I have to say   I am a little bit tired...  but totally did enjoy the sun being here again...  Glenn also got a pickup truck load of garlic pulled up... now to get it all tied up and dried... it is very muddy... and some of the garlic bulbs are the size of my fist...  HUGE...  During all this rain we did lose a lot of the beds to the heavy rains...  and the sweet potatoes really got damaged a lot...  so we are very upset over that... but we will hopefully have enough... we had such a giant crop last year... we are still eating them...  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit... and I really have been trying to post a couple of times during the week... but things keep on coming up...   and not allowing me to do all that I want to do...  

See you soon...and enjoy creating...  
Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie  


  1. Nicely done! Love your shading!

  2. Great tile! I like how your Opus and Cirquital turned out. Very lovely.

    I tried mine yesterday and failed. ^^

  3. Beuatiful tile! It appears so dynamically. Very nice variations of “Cirquital"!

  4. Wonderful tile. All tangles are moving, flying. I like this very much.

  5. Like your variations of Cirquital. Thinking of different ways to finish this tangle was part of the challenge. Nice job.

  6. The contrast in your piece does make cirquital and opus bold and beautiful!