Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Snail and Birds Feet???

Oh I know I have been very lax about coming on here the past two weeks... I have had so many things that had to be done... so maybe now I can show you some of the things that I have been doing...  
I have to take pictures... but I have been having fun to say the least...  

Also finally got around to scanning in some tangles that I have done over the past couple of weeks too... not that many, as my hands have been creating other things too...  (later on those pictures... )  

 I did this while talking with our son...  it was a very good conversation for me...  and I totally enjoyed it...  very positive and hopefully it will come to happen for us all very soon...  so this TIA is a very good one for me...  and it is also for the Diva's Challenge this week where she is asking for us to create the Tangle called Birdie Feet.... I really didn't know what I was going to do at first... in fact I did a couple of tiles using it ... and didn't like them at all.. a first time for everything...  and finally I decided to use it as a border design... and I love it...  Very fluid and free flowing with curved lines and also with solid straight ones...   a new house for the snail...  in so many ways... 
These other TIA's have been done at odd times... and I really can't remember when I even did them... but they were fun.. that much I can remember...  and they also helped me to relax and get to sleep.. which when I am creating, sleep doesn't come easy...  LOL...  I cn stay up all night long... and then when I see the sun rising... oooops... I better go to bed and sleep... just a little bit...  LOL...  this makes for very weird days...  

 When I was working on this one... it reminded me of looking into one of those Easter eggs...  and finally you see the little Spring scene...  with the rabbit and a few little eggs, etc...  

 The ins and outs of life...  yikes...  what a fun piece this was... I love this tangle... and always enjoy creating it...  a really fun and challenging tangle that you never know what is going to happen with it...  
 I also have started to get some things back into my life that have been missing over the past 10 years... one of them is that I am again playing my Native American cedar flute... and it feels so very good...  so I had to do a little tangle for the Native in me...   a little feathers and some smug will do the spirit so very much ... and then add the music from the flute.. wow I am in heaven...  

I do hope that you are able to please yourself with positive actions and release the things that are not to your liking...  add new things, make changes, and be free with growing...  things I am working on...  and it feels so very good.  

Thanks for taking a look and stopping by for a visit... and hope that your 4th of July is and was a happy one... and hope that if you live in Canada that your Canada Day was also a good one...  

All these rains have created so very much flooding... all over the world... hopefully we will all be able to pull our selves into a positive space and move into a dryer life style...  think balance and harmony for the Earth Mother... 

Have a great day... Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie  


  1. Oh, it´s beautiful! I like the way you used Birdie Feet in this tile. Also all your other tiles are so pretty! Great job!

  2. Beautiful post and yes, you have been busy. My fave is 'ins and outs'. Have a lovely 4th.

  3. Simply beautiful! I had to search for Birdie Feet. ^^

  4. Happy 4th! I love all of these wonderful creations! So lovely!

  5. The snail is so cute!

    I didn't think of Birds Feet as a border and that's though it looks so awesome in your tile!

    I like your other tiles too!

  6. I love the snail lookin up there. Luckily the birds are so smoll they don't eat it :-D
    Fine holeness and beautiful tile - all of them.

  7. You were busy. Like how you linked the Birdie Feet together to form another pattern.

  8. Love the birdie feet and the cute little snail!