Thursday, July 25, 2013


So many people ask me how I get all that I get done, done!!!! Well it's not hard... you multi task.. and I do that very well.. all the time.. especially well I guess.... as I have my son and his family with us now for the week... and with 4 extra people it is not easy.

So here are my tangles... done at all different weird times...  

 This one I started off with .... wanted to do a vine climbing up a ribbon....  and then the vine was grounded... but the ribbon wasn't....  

Since the Diva has us tying two pencils together... I tried using a hair clip... and it works so very good...  I didn't have any more control.. but did have fun...  

This one I love it when it got to his stage and didn't want to do anything more...  

At this point the four younger people we have staying here... including our son and daughter in law.. all started to come out for breakfast... but I decided that since they do this kind of thing every other day of their life... they would be totally capable to doing it today too... so I tangled... love it...  

I think you can tell.. I was so very happy... they were all there... doing the breakfast thing... YEAH!!!!  

I finished one and went right onto the next one... time.. what a wonderful thing...  now for something faster than dial up an I would almost totally satisfied.. and will when our daughter comes up on Friday...  

This little bird, is a bird of peace...  I felt like this bird this morning as I sat in my chair having my morning tulsi tea... (that I have add my daughter in law grew it... brought up bouquets of it... and shared with great amounts of LOVE...   so very nice... 

So I was thinking love, peace and feeling GREAT... and this little bird perched it's self on my tangle..  

 Then I started to make strings... with my two pencils and hair clip... and couldn't ' stop..  

I used a pencil... and then shaded with a pencil so this tile is 100% pencil..  

Another one done in pencil... and I added a stronger pencil at places t hat needed more shadow... love it..  

Well thanks for stopiing by for a visit... and hope to see some of your work soon... 
Love, Light adn peace.....Bonnie 



  1. Wow You got a lot done this week!

  2. Love them all and, most of all, the trumpet... oh yeah, and the bird is beautiful!

  3. You can see that you are so happy Bonnie.

  4. Beautiful tiles all of them! Many lovingly details.

  5. Wow, amazing! My favorite is the one with the bird. Beautiful.